Wrap Style owners, question for you!

I decided to order “Wrap Style” because I caught a glimpse of “Off-set Argyle” and I want to knit it!
And since I’m ordering the book, I may as well order the yarn too, if someone could please tell me the yarn requirements? Pretty please! :heart:

You are going to love this book… it has some really pretty patterns in it :happydance:

They say you need about 336 yd of 1 main color… 224 yd each of 4 contrasting colors of worsted weight (medium 4) yarn… They used Classic Elite Skye Tweed…

:cheering: Can’t wait to see the FO!!

GREAT BOOK!! I haven’t made the wrap you’re talking about, I just wanted to tell you what a great book it is. Another great book, Scarf Style.

Sorry for the break in the thread. :teehee:

Nadja xxx

I’m excited because I found out my library has it! :happydance: I saw a picture of the Shetland Triangle shawl and figured it would be a nice beginner foray into lace shawl knitting!

Cannot wait to get this book…I was set to order Scarf Style, but now Wrap Style is calling to me…I think I will order both!
Have you SEEN how cheap Knit Picks is selling them for?!?
Like, under $15 each!

At first I thought, wraps and capelets are not my cup of tea, when would I wear them? But then I thought, hey, some of these patterns are kinda like…a short sweater without armholes. And if I use the right yarn, I could make one to wear with jeans, while I walk the dogs even.
I am going to be walking the dogs in "Off Center Argyle."
Who would’ve thought?!
Speaking of the library, whoever is next in line (at my library) to check out Scarf Style probably hates me…I have renewed my copy like 3 times. So now I am just going to buy a copy, and honestly, I plan to knit A LOT of these projects!
That is a good indication of which book to buy…the one you keep on checking out at the library.
I am for sure knitting “fair isle jazz” from Scarf Style because I already have the yarn…