Wrap just one ! Just once?

Hello again:
I am still working on that baby sweater in the “Little Sublime Hand knit book”. I even have an answer by email from someone at Sridar in the UK, but even she did not satisfactorily explain what is going on, she explained WHY, but not exactly HOW. Hope you can help.

This is for the cuff:
1st row: Knit
2nd row: purl to last five and k5
3rd row: Knit
4th row: purl to last five and k5
5th row: (buttonhole row) k1, k2 tog, yfwd, knit to last 2 stitches, inc in next st. k1. (now have one extra stitch on needle)
6th row: Purl to last five st, k5
OK here is where it goes wonky!
7th row: k4 wrap 1, turn
8th row: k4
9th row: knit
10th row: purl to last 5 sts, k 5
11th row: k to last 2 sts, inc in next st, k1 (sleeve edge). Now have one more stitch on needle.

QUESTION: Because i only “wrap” 1 stitch in 7th row–it leaves a big hole–what to do about the hole?

Is it part of the buttonhole?

No. Her email explains it thus:
There are 24 rows. 7th row and 21 contain the instruction “wrap 1”.
This means that for these rows you are only working across the garter stitches, not across the whole row. So in effect there are only actually 21 rows worked across the bulk of this section of the sleeve. We have done that because garter st has shorter row tension that st st, and we didn’t want the cuff edging to pull up and look shorter than the remainder of the sleeve."

To further answer your question the next buttonhole row is 19th row. Thanks for helping with this!:heart:

Hi Wannabe -
When you wrap and turn (creating a short row) it helps to knit (or purl) the wrap with the stitch to avoid the hole. If you look at the advanced technique video here you can see how to do it. It will hide the hole nicely :slight_smile: