Wrap and turn?

I am starting a toe-up sock, and am trying to understand the wrap and turn part. When I bring the yarn forward as if to purl, then slip the stitch, then move the slipped stitch onto the next needle and purl the next stitch, I end up with nothing that is wrapped at all! I just have that slipped stitch by itself and a purled stitch. That can’t be right. I looked at pictures of it, but I still don’t get it! Help!

I don’t know if you’re looking at a specific pattern with certain instructions, but in general with wrap and turn you bring the yarn forward, slip the stitch, bring the yarn back, slip the slipped stitch back to the left needle, then turn your work. Returning the yarn to the back is what makes the wrap on that slipped stitch. Have you watched Amy’s video on short rows on this site?? If not, the link is here (near bottom of page).

I think the trouble I am having is doing this with the last stitch on the needle, as the directions say to do. When I bring the yarn forward, slip the last unworked stitch from left to right needle, turn, and slip the first unworked stitch from left to right needle and purl the rest of the stitches, the yarn is just there in purl position without anything having happened. Does this make sense? I can’t get what step I am missing in the video because she is doing it in the middle of a row instead of at the end.

You’ve got it right. When you do a W&T at the end of the row it doesn’t look like there’s anything there. It won’t be until you come to knit/purl the wraps and stitch together that you will see it but it is definitely there.

This is how I do my toes and heels for my socks.