Wrap and Turn short row help

I am working the Dunes sweater paid pattern. The front panel is made up of cables, so when I get to the front when working the short rows, sometimes the stitch that i have to wrap is the opposite of the stitch I worked (Like I was just working knit stitches but the stitch that I have to wrap next is a purl stitch). I am not quite sure how to do the wrap and not mess it up!! Please help!

This works out pretty well. Going from a knit to a purl for the w&t, there’s a strand of yarn across the stitch on the WS but the RS looks ok. Do the w&t as usual but don’t bring the yarn to the back after the turn. Leave it in the front and purl.
Going from a purl to a knit, don’t bring the yarn to the front after the w&t. Leave it in the back and knit.
An alternative is to shift the w&t over one or two sts so that it’s within the knits or purls.
Also, I just tried this to see how it works and it seems to me that German short rows are neater than the conventional w&t. You could try them here (even though you may have used w&t earlier) if you’d like. You can always test this out on a swatch, too.

Thank you so much for your help!! It ended up working very nicely!!