Wrap and turn row

I don’t know if this is where I’m supposed to ask my questions, but here goes: My pattern for a swing coat calls for me to cast on 92 stitches. I’ve followed the pattern through several rows, but am now on a row that says to knit 70 stitches and do a wrap and turn (short row wrap). Once I’ve done that, it doesn’t say to knit to the end of the row. Am I supposed to knit to the end, so that I can do the next row, which says to slip 1 stitch purlwise and purl to the end of the row? I’ll await an answer so that I may proceed with my project. THANKS! Sandy Derr

The purpose of short rows is to not go all the way to the end of the row unless the pattern states it. Do what it says for the next row. When you turn [I]that is[/I] the next row so you’d sl 1 and purl to the end.

THANKS! so much for your help with my wrap and turn question. Sandy Derr