Wrap and turn, problem with pattern

Ok, so I am familiar with wrap and turn (and this website has a great video on it), but the pattern has me wrapping and turning and I have run out of stitches, but the pattern keeps going with wrap and turn. So I think I am doing it wrong and need some help.

The pattern is Classic Baby Cardigan on page 108 of Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2007 issue. I am on the collar part (almost done!). The pattern goes as follows:

You pick up and knit 63 sts evenly around the neck edge.
Next row (WS) p to last 20 sts, w&t.
Next row (RS) k to last 20 sts, w&t.
Work to last 14 sts, w&t.
Next 2 rows Work to last 8 sts, w&t.
Next row k all sts, including the wrapped sts.
Next row purl.

So here’s my problem: I thought wrap and turn for a collar is supposed to help build up the area around the back of the neck a little so it will fold over and lay flat at the sides. I also thought that when wrapping and turning, you keep stopping short of the end and then wrapping and turning so that you knit (or purl) fewer stitches on each subsequent row until you finally knit (or purl) everything across including the wrapped stitches. With the pattern above, I have no further stitches by the time I try to “work to the last 8 sts” unless I knit over a wrapped stitch. Am I reading this wrong? Does anyone have any advice? I checked the magazine website and there were no comments on an error.

My friend’s baby is almost here, and it is a newborn sized sweater, so I really wanted to get this done. :help:
Thank you.


Hi, first of all unless you did this already you are going to have to frog the collar to begin with. There is a erratum for this pattern on the Vogue Knitting Magazine web site that states that you are supposed to pick-up the collar stitches from the WS instead of the RS.

Now on with your question, I have not worked the pattern you are doing; however, I cast on 63 stitches and worked them based on the snippet you posted and the instructions worked out fine for me. Usually, I am used to working up to the gap and than doing another wrap and turn stitch; although, in this case you work over the previous wrap and turn stitches that you have done from the preceding rows.

So work over those other wrap stitches, don’t stop at the gap go past to the last 20 or 8 stitches of the rows and the collar instructions should work out for you.

This pattern is to build up the collar at the neck, and down the sides a bit.
It does seem that they have you working over 70 sts instead of 63… I think I’d skip this row - Work to last 14 sts, w&t because it kinda seems out of place - and just go on to the next 2.

I also thought it was weird that you go to 20 sts twice, and the 8 sts twice, but the 14 sts only once on one side. It just seems like it is going to be a lopsided peter pan collar. I guess I will swatch it and see what happens. When I couldn’t figure out the wrap and turn part, I checked the website and saw that the instructions had me pick up and knit on the incorrect side, so I have already frogged it. I just didn’t want to pick up and knit it again unless I knew what I was doing. And I also thought it was weird that they mention knitting over the wrapped stitches only on the last line (“Next row k all sts, including the wrapped sts”) when they should have mentioned it earlier in the instructions. Thanks for all your help!


That line is correct - the last row is the only one where you’d knit over the wrapped sts. The other rows don’t go over them, they just keep getting shorter. Although probably the purl row should mention it because you’ll be going back the other way.

Yes, those instructions do seem kind of strange. However, if at all possible, if I am not comfortable with a bit of instruction I like to swatch it or ask someone their opinion. I think VK magazine should have made and or placed a note about this bit of instruction since it is not consistent with the usual method of wrap and turn stitches (ie. socks). Hope both your friend and her or his baby enjoy the sweater.

Well, I swatched it first as written and it seemed to work. Then I knit it as written and pretended that each line told me to knit over the wrapped stitch (if I came to one) and took the pattern to mean that I should knit to the 20th (or 14th or 8th) stitch before the end of each row. So far looks OK. Mathematically, it still doesn’t seem right, but the finished project seems OK. I am about to put the edging on the collar. If I have to rip it out, I have plenty of excess yarn and it is for a newborn, so it doesn’t take that much time. I still think the instructions could have been a bit clearer, though.

Thanks for all your help!