Wrap and Turn. Point to this?

I’m making a sweater and it has a portion of a few “wrap and turns” on the shoulders. What is the point of this? Seems useless to do and the pattern gets all wonky when I do it. Do I HAVE to do it. What’ll happen if I don’t and just join the front and back without doing it?

Wrap and turns at shoulders are usually taking the place of more standard bind off ___ sts knit to the end of the row. Purl back. BO so many again, repeat X number of times. You know, the stair-step affect that is done so that a shoulder is not flat across but shaped a little. You could go back to that sort of shoulder. Give it some thought and you can probably guess/figure a good number to use for the BOs based on the wrap and turns.

I say usually. Unless the W&T’s are there for some other reason, I think that would be fine. Designers consider them an improvement over the stair-steps, but if they don’t work for you they are not an improvement. There are other ways to reduce the stair-steps. Maybe you know them, or don’t mind them. I know there have been threads about that.

They make the shoulder line smoother. Here is a video clip about how to make them. Maybe seeing it in action will help you.

Thanks for the video. They are always helpful. However, although I get how to do the technique, what I don’t understand is the fact that I maintain the same number of stitches.

Also, the pattern that I’m knitting is the waffle stitch which changes depending on if you are knitting in the round or back and forth (and whether you start on the RS or WS) and to knit in the pattern to the stitch to be wrapped is fine, but, now on the knitting back after the turn, you’re on a different row of the pattern. Then you go back to the other side of the work to do a second w&t and you’re on a DIFFERENT row of the pattern. Do you get what I mean? By the time you get to the row where you knit the wraps into the stitch and knit the whole row, one half of the row is on one part of the pattern and the other (non-worked) half of the row is on another part. It makes the pattern all off and I can’t see where doing 2 w&ts makes any difference anyway.

I think I won’t do them and just join the pieces together as stated with the three-needle bind off. There’s only 22 stitches using fingering weight yarn in any event, so (famous last words) how bad could it be?

Thanks for reading. I just got very frustrated with this last night and needed to vent. My husband got worried when I threw the sweater across the room! :teehee: