Wrap and turn in a 6 row repeating pattern..?

I have to wrap and turn to create short rows. That’s fine, I can work that out. However, I am doing a patterned piece of work that requires 6 rows to be repeated to form the pattern over its length. (Its a bolero with the piece starting as a panel across the bust. The shaping is taking it under armpit. The it continues straight and joins at the back with a mirrored piece from the other side. Arms set in seperately). The first wrap and turn instruction is ‘pattern 7, w&t, continue to end of row’. I read this as knit 7 stitches in the given pattern for that row. When I have turned, WHAT pattern do I knit those 7 stitches in to get back to the beginning of the line?! Its not like I am just doing rows of purl or stocking stitch. The over all effect of the pattern is Vs of holes set between panels of plain knitting. This is very pretty, but I can’t see how to do it without messing up the placement of the ‘holes’ in the pattern. All the instructions I have found on the web refer to plain knitting

Use whatever the pattern stitch is that you did before this. If it’s a WS row that you work after you turn, then work that. If you can give us the name of your pattern or type a couple of the rows before you begin the W&T section, we can probably help you a little easier.

When you work the return row on the back, look at the pattern on the front to help you decide what sts you should be doing and where in the pattern you are. Usually, if you began with the first 7sts of pattern row 1, you would turn and work the last 7sts of pattern row 2. Yes, the link to the pattern will help.

Firstly, I am so excited that people have started responding, thank you! I tried to include a link in my message but the system detected it and told me I must have made more postings before I can do that?! Anyway, it is called Winter Soltice Shrug by Sarah Hatton. I Googled it and it came up on the National Knitting Week dot co dot uk website. It appears to be listed with corrections so I need to check them out now as well!!
I have started knitting the right side. So, you can see the 6 rows that create the pattern. I am working the first size in brackets and have completed the desired 22cm. The first line of the short row shaping section has me knitting the ‘row 4’ pattern. So, 7 stitches of that are purls. easy. Salmonmac - to knit the 7 stitches back from the end of row 5 would mean I only have to do knit stitches. Again, easy at this stage. Then, when I knit the next row, am I following the pattern for row 5 and doing the first 10 stitches of that? In the first few lines of wrapping this would all be easy as they are actually knit and purl sections, but as I get further down and I am knitting 26 stitches for example I am always then decoding the last same number of stitches from the next pattern line? thank you again so much!

Ok, here’s the pattern link. Now you’re starting with row 4, w&t and then work back on row 5 (mostly knits as you say). Now go onto row 6 for 10sts, w&t and work back on row 7. And yes, even when you work 26, 36, 39sts on the purl rows, you would be using the last 26, 36 or 39sts on the knit side, which would include the increases and decreases in pattern. Be sure to look at the pattern and make sure it’s following the previous rows and not shifting or breaking the pattern you’ve established.
This will all be easier on the left side because you’ll be working the pattern over, w&t and then just purl back.

Thank you Salmonmac! It took a bit of brain power to count out all the stitches in the pattern but I jotted it all down to make it fool proof and have just tried it out on some spare wool. It’s worked!! Well, nearly, I wasn’t very good at making sure I picked up the w&t stitches correctly when I knitted back passed them on the following row so I do have a few holes, but, the whole theory of it has worked. It does seem obvious now, but I think patterns could explain things like this a bit better. More people would be able to knit then! Now … to try it on the real thing!

Patterns usually don’t go into detail on certain things unless it’s specifically stated as a tutorial to learn a technique, such as short rows and W&T. If they all had details to explain things like that, experienced knitters might be turned off because they’d have to got through lines and lines of explanation to get to the pattern. So patterns will sometimes say what skills you need for it, and if you don’t know something, there’s lots of tutorials for many different techniques. Then there’s always the idea that once you’ve done something new, you’ll know how to make other projects that use the same skills. There’s always going to be a learning project sometime…

Oh, great! Learning to look at my knitting and look at pattern sts was one of the best lessons I learned. No matter what the pattern says (or I [I]think[/I] it says), use the pattern on the previous rows a a guide.

I am still confused as to when you stop wrapping and start to pick up the wrapped stitches. Is this done gradually or all on one row?

Each pattern is different. Read a little ahead in the pattern to see how this one does it, or just work it as you go along and it should say what to do. Sometime you can ‘just blindly follow the pattern’; most of them are okay. I see some of the sts will be placed on holders, maybe that’s where the leftover stitches go, then you knit them all at the end? Wish there was a picture, that helps sometimes.