Wrap and turn in 2x2 rib

has anyone got any tips on how to wrap stitches in 2x2 ribbing. I’m getting confused which one I should be doing as there’s not a knit or purl side as all the help videos talk about.
My pattern is woman’s weekly The Big Easy poncho, and I’m trying to do the collar. It’s driving me nuts!! Thank you in advance.


I came across this video which shows an interesting technique for 2x2 ribbed short rows, I haven’t made anything to be able to try this yet and even though this is knit in the round it should still work for a flat knit piece.
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The pattern usually says to work so many sts then wrap and turn. The next stitch is the one wrapped. When you wrap and turn, the next row counts as another row. So keeping track of rows is more important than RS/WS.
If you want to keep track of RS/WS, put a safety pin, scrap yarn or a stitch marker into the RS of the rib.

Are you actually working W&T or some variant like German short rows?

I have to pattern 20 then wrap and turn 1 then purl to end.

I didn’t realise when doing this it counts as another row!! When I’ve done the 20 stitches I’m confused as if I’ve ended on 2 purl stitches do I wrap as a k it or purl stich or doesn’t it matter. Thanks

Pattern 20, then wrap and turn the next stitch. So if you’ve ended with 2 purls (sts 19 and 20), w&t the next stitch which is a knit stitch. It’s still a w&t whether knit or purl.

I have watched it but her knitting is a bit fast for me to follow. Thanks for your help though.