Wrap and Turn HELP

Hi! I’m new to this site and wanted to say hi and get some help on a pattern I’m working on. The pattern is Rondelay by The Knitting Vortex. I’m new on the W&T, and I believe I’ve got that part okay (time will see). I’ve CO 67 and K 1 row, but now the pattern is stating:

First Rondel:
Setup Row 1: K34, w&t.
Setup Row 2: K1, w&t. 3 active st.

After the K3 4 and w&t is where I’m lost. Do I keep w&t or knit to the end of the row? Appreciate any help on this. I’m a afghan sorta knitter, so I’m going out on a limb here and trying something new.

After you knit 34, w&t the next stitch, then k1 and w&t then next one. I’m only getting 2 ‘active’ sts on that row, so am at a loss too. Here’s the Ravelry link to it - can you post what comes after these 2 set up rows?

Then it goes into rows;
Row 1: knit to 1 st past last wrapped st, w&t. 4 st
Row 2: (YO, K1) thrice, w&t. 8 st

Thanks for helping. This may be beyond me. I still not understanding what to do with the rest of my 34 knitted st.

You’ll get to the rest of the stitches eventually. There on row 1 where it says to work to 1 st past the wrapped stitch, that will use up one of them. Just follow the instructions step by step and after a few rows it may make more sense when you see the change in the stitches.

I think I’ve got the stitches now! Thank you very much for the help it was very much appreciated. Specially your speedy response.