What does WPI mean? I found it in the Materials section of this pdf pattern.

it is something “per inch” but i can’t put my finger on the part of my brain that remembers what the W is.

Wraps Per Inch

Wraps Per Inch[/quote]

Yes, it’s wraps per inch. It’s a measure of yarn gauge. To calculate, take a pencil (or similar object; if you have a straight ruler, it’s even better) and lightly wrap the yarn around it(not too tight, not too loose, just so it’s touching). Count the number of wraps per inch, and go to a chart like this:


to convert to more meaningful terminology. (E.g., 9 wpi would be bulky weight; 16 wpi would be fingering, etc.)

I bought some yarn and ebay and this was the only way I could guesstimate what size of needle to try because the seller didn’t give the correct gauge info. (It was described as worsted weight, but was actually bulky.)

It stands for “wraps per inch”. You can read more about it HERE

okay well apparently i did have my finger on the part of my brain that knew that cuz that is what i kept coming up with but it just didn’t seem right to me. i never give myself enough credit for my own brilliance! :rofling:

come to think of it, neither does anybody else! hmph! :rofling:

:roflhard: Not so Bren…

besides, I think there are only about 6 people in the world that use WPI for gauge of yarn.

TY very much. :slight_smile: I’d never heard of that either, but that’s what is cool about this place: you learn something new everytime you log on.

I forgot to mention that wpi can be useful for estimating yardage requirements using the 100 yard rule. Just multiply wpi by 100 to get a yardage estimate for a medium sweater. More details, including how to figure other sizes can be found here: