I’m still fairly new to knitting…I know the most basic of basics like the knit and purl stitch, rib stitch, stockinette, binding off and a few increases and decreases…To date I’ve made 3 scarves and 2 kerchiefs…Both quite simple projects…Of course I want to continue to learn more but has anyone else or does anyone else sometimes feel completely overwhelmed by ALL the different techniques and, (I’m sure it is, stupid question ahead…lol) is it really possible to know every technique there is? I’ve been reading Stitch n Bitch and coming here for the videos so I’m taking it all one step at a time (doing the projects in the Stitch n Bitch book at the end of each chapter) but sometimes it seems there’s just no way I’m going to learn everything I’ll need to know to make what I want to make…I’ve always been an impatient person and often get in way over my head in things I do…I want to do something and I want to know all I have to do right off the bat, which I know is completely unrealistic…lol…However, I refuse to stop knitting…I know it takes patience and I really have learned a ton in the short amount of time I have been knitting but sometimes I just feel sooooooo lost…lol…

I think it’s possible to know everything. I mean, our resident guru Ingrid has an answer to dang near everything…

The best thing I can say is this; TRY everything! Practice it first - make a swatch (I didn’t the first time I did short row shaping across the bust and it was a disaster but I didn’t give up - I’ve almost finished the front of another shell where the short row shaping looks like it has worked (I’ll know when I’ve finished).

Before I started this shell, I swatched it out following the pattern in the short row shaping as it said and I thought it looked OK after one round of 10 rows of shaping (the shell calls for 3 sets of 10 rows of shaping).

Really the only ways one can learn are by lessons from an experienced tutor, by reading a book and having a go (trial and error). In a way I prefer the trial and error method, since one learns from ones mistakes and can try to avoid the pitfalls.

Ingrid will always deny she knows everything (though I believe her to be a wiley sheep who knows her stuff very very well!) Reading Stephanie Pearl McPhee’s Yarn Harlot book, the writings of a knitter of 30 years who learned when she was 6 years old, even she makes mistakes. The story of her learning process on Steeking is funny when one reads of the very simple mistake that could have cost her very dearly had she not spotted it at the very last minute before chopping gaping holes in her work!

Take your time, enjoy your craft - you are doing well at the rate you are going and yes I understand the impatience :wink: I have my eye on a lovely cardigan that I know if I attempt it this soon in I’ll probably never knit again :roflhard:

I don’t even worry about knowing “everything”. If I see a pattern I want to make and in the process need to learn something new I’ll just do it then. You can always find help around here when you need it!

I find myself getting stumped on something and when I sign on here and either post in “How To” (because more than likely, someone has made the same thing!) or look at one of Amy’s technique, I figure it out! And that is so rewarding!

Enjoy! It’s so addictive, isn’t it? :heart:

I started knitting about a week ago and have found that I’ve become more and more comfortable with alot of the techniques. I’m sure over time it will become second nature. I’m taking the “learn as you go” attitude so I don’t become overwhelmed.

LOL, I felt exactly the same way that you do! I, too, look at it this way, when I see a project that I want to knit and it’s got techniques, etc that I’m not familiar with…well, I learn something new and have loads of fun in the process.

That’s what I do, too. I’m a hands on learner so it’s better for me to get a project going and learn how to do it that way.

:roflhard: :notworthy:

Good to know I’m not the only one who’s felt this way! Last night I did a search for knitting groups in my area…I absolutely love this site and the videos are incredibly helpful but sometimes I wish for a person I can talk to face to face, someone who is very experienced who can get together to knit. I’m a stay at home mom with a hubby who works 40+ hours a week and goes to school in the evenings so I don’t really have the opportunity to get out and meet people :wall: haha

So far I have taken things step by step, I know if I don’t, I’ll give up…

I have visited this forum in the past (not sure if anyone remembers) but I got so sidetracked that unfortunately led me to about a 5 month hiatus from knitting :frowning: But, I’m finally getting back to it (just completed two kerchiefs in about a week…lol…) so expect to see me a ton more…Even if only lurking for a while…lol

I’ll get some pics up soon of what I have done!

I think dishcloths are a great way to learn new techniques. They are a quick knit and very satisfying!! When I was starting out (which was only in March) I would pick a pattern with a technique that I had never tried before. I really learned a lot that way!!

Oooh, dishcloths are a great idea…'Cause even if I mess up, who cares! hahaha

I ended up getting the best patterns from this site: Dishcloth Boutique

Awesome, thanks!

:roflhard: :notworthy:[/quote]

I DON’T know everything. I’ve just tried anything I’ve wanted to do. It’s just a matter of following directions and not being afraid to just do it. It’s KNITTING. I’ll never jump out of an airplane, but by golly, I’ll try any knitting pattern that I like.

I’ve been doing this on and off since I was a girl. One thing builds on another, and once you can picture what it is the technique is actually doing, then it’s easy to understand.

As you need it, you learn it.

The Supersheep picture didn’t seem to quote here, but I just want to say :hug: :teehee: . That will be my October avatar! :yay:

I agree with Kemp and some of the others…I’m fairly new to knitting and I knew I wasn’t going to be an expert overnight, but being the perfectionist that I am, I hate to mess up!!! :hug:

So I pick patterns that seem to be at a beginner level (not too many crazy stitches). If I find a project I want to do, then I will learn as I go. For instance, I really REALLY want to do the FT clogs, but I’m sure I will be spending lots of time on the forums here to get help along the way for instructions I don’t understand! :oops:

If you start with easier things, you will feel such a sense of accomplishment after your first few projects come out beautifully and it gives you the courage to try trickier things…