Wow Wow More Transformers

Wow Wow More Transformers… comes in more colors and with a little 3D effect.

I am going to knit another 7 pieces or maybe 4 depending whether i will be able to go on knitting the same stuff for 15 times…

If i will be able to complete all…celebrate …Transformers:clink:

neat! :thumbsup:

love them!

Very cool!

Those are cute. Are you going to sew them together and make a blanket?

Love the color combos too.

I have completed a total of 12 pieces and will be sewing all up tonight and it will be small couch cloth to put the newspapers…
Wonder why? Cos couch have beige running thread and just don’t want the thread to become BLACK. hubby loves to put newspapers on the couches after he finishes reading it.

Perfect! :thumbsup: