Wow........Transformer is Here

Before I knitted this dish cloth, I was really frustrated when i tried to knit a monkey dish cloth and it turn up wrong… Really upset, until i found this and I knitted my first TRANSFORMER DISH CLOTH. The next one will blue face on red background.

I will knit another 9 to 15 more pieces to make up one whole piece with different colours of yarns and background. I will continue and this will be a gift to my husband.

Hope it will be a surprise.

Thats awesome. You should do alternating Autobots and Decepticons.

thats awesome…where’d you find the pattern

I found this pattern at this site
and i modify a little to create the full face of Transformer with a little 3D Look… and kept a excel spreadsheet for this pattern.

Previously i have knitted a 9 piece dish cloth and sew up all the sides to make a cusion stool cover… will post it over the weekend.

Great work!

I have completed 8 pieces of the transformers dishcloth and i have targetted another 4 or maybe 7 to finish up the whole BIG Piece.
Then will call for a celebration for completed:clink: