Wow..take a look at this beautiful book

I’ve been wanting a book on lace shawls. I finally found one I love.
Check it out on the site below and you can even turn a few pages and look thru it there. Can’t wait to get it.

I think they are all beautiful. :hug:

Very nice.

My problem with shawls is I make them and never use them!!

I think they are very pretty. The one I like is on 9-12, it’s the one in the top left hand corner.

I’m not exactly the shawl “type” gal either. To me some of them in the book almost wear/look more like lace sweaters. I am a pretty sweater “type” gal.:cheering:

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I just bought that book last night and ordred some lace yarn!

I noticed that many of these appear to wear more like sweaters, which would really increased their wearability for me, esp at work. I will really have to think about buying this one…oh you, enablers! :stuck_out_tongue:

They are so pretty!