Wow..take a look at this baby book

I just ordered this from KP’s. I never saw it before. The baby clothes are beautiful!!! You can look thru a few of the pages…can’t wait to get this one.:inlove:

Those patterns are awesome! I’m sooo putting in an order tonight! Thanks for the heads up.

Those are really, really cute. My first thought, however, is a bit practical. The pants are all really adorable, but being the mom of three kids, I remember how much of a pain in the butt (pun not intended) it was to change a diaper when the pants didn’t unsnap. How do you suppose those are?


Well I remember liking it better when the pants did snap but I still used some that didn’t. Plus with knit they will be stretchy so I don’t think it would be difficult to take them off as it was sometimes with little jeans that had no stretch or snaps on them .:lol:

Couldn’t you knit the pant legs flat (open) and then stitch in some snap tape? Could that be too difficult?

KP had a slew of baby/toddler patterns a couple of months back in their catalog. I was wishing I had a little one to knit for they were so sweet.

How abosolutely adorable. Gonna have to order me one of those for sure. Thanks for sharing!

SIGH ANOTHER book added to my stash. Just what I needed. Thanks. :thumbsup::heart: