Wow....... (some really lousy pictures included)

I started cleaning out my closet… and since I bought a few skeins on yarn yesterday, I decided to sort out all the yarn I have a put it in one place to make sifting for designs easier.

So after just cleaning (part) of my closet (those pictures are from the closet… it’s actaully my mom’s pantry I have taken over… she is wanting most of it back though so I have been cleaning out the boxes of stuff. LOL

The camera wasn’t working well, so here are the blurry pics of the yarn that was in the closet. This does not include the multiple boxes that are upstairs and in the barn. wow. I didn’t realize I had so much…

I think it’s a common problem to all knitters - we always fail to realize just how much yarn we have:teehee: You can sort all by weight or brand or however you like and put it in ziplock bags, that way the moth and the dust will stay away. And you can write on the bags names of projects in mind for the yarn inside.

Good ideas…

Are there any ways anyone can think of keeping mice away? We live in a 100+ yearold farm house, and no matter how hard you try, you are always gonna have a mouse somewhere. I am thinking about moving my yarn upstairs (and out of mom’s pantry… LOL) but since we only use a few rooms downstairs, and only go upstairs to work on it (it’s gutted - was unlivable when we bought it) we aren’t up there enough to scare away any mice that may be up there.

I would think those large Rubbermaid containers would keep mice out. They can hold quite a bit, too. Target and the like have them and they are usually a pretty good price. Oh and some brands of containers aren’t really air tight so I don’t know if they’d keep mice out so do check the seals.

I saw a comment recently on another message board about Irish Spring soap (the original strong smelling kind) keeping mice away. I don’t know if it works but it is worth a try as it doesn’t cost much.

I use rubbermaid tubs, but because I’m paranoid about vermin too, I wrap my yarn inside a small (like bathroom sized) trash bag for each “set” of yarn I have. Then I stick a post-it (taped down) with the name, weight and color of the yarn, so I can easily find it since the bags are opaque.

I manage a college dorm with a huge mouse problem. I told the kids to put their non perishable food in rubbermaid tubs/containers and it works great. Keep the critters out of their food very well.

I don’t have mice at home but I use Irish Spring soap as a moth repellent and haven’t had a moth yet.:cheering:

Do you find that the Irish Spring smell “seeps” into the fabric? It sounds like a really good idea, but I’m sensitive to strong smelling soaps and detergents and I usually get unscented. I’m wondering if it’s the smell of it or something about soap itself that repels the moths.

Marria, that’s why I don’t have soaps in my house, the odors get to me.

Easier to have a cat, which I see you do.

Yes, except she’s the most lazy creature on the planet and probably wouldn’t catch a mouse. :roflhard:

I keep a scented soap (not Irish spring though) in with my yarn stored in a rubbermaid container, and I find that the yarn smells pretty strongly when I first get it out. I like the smell though! But it usually wears off within the first day or so of the yarn being out of the container and on the needles or in my knitting bag. You could always just get it out and let it breathe for 24 hours prior to working with it. :slight_smile:

You know the best thing you can do with all that extra yarn is to just give it to me. :teehee:

You know, My DMIL had a bad mouse problem in one of the houses (and the barn, too!) she lived in, and the yarn she kept in Rubbermaid containers was untouched. The yarn kept in cardboard boxes was a different story, however!!