Wow October Magknits is Up

October Magknits is up!! Only a few patterns but I love the littel ghosts.

The ghosts ARE cute. I also LOVE the Rainbow Socks. I haven’t even ventured into sock knitting yet but THESE have been put on my “wish list” of things to knit!

Oh I just love those short row striped socks!! I usually get bored with self striping socks, but these are really awesome! I’ll definitely have to try these!

Those socks are awesome!

Alright! Post the link for those of us… who have too many links and can’t find the right one!:blush:

Mostly, just type in and that will bring it up. But here’s the pattern page

Oooh that afghan is gorgeous:inlove:.


oops, suzeeq beat me to it.

Isn’t it, though?!

I would love to make that one! Hmmm . . . That could be my ‘WIP’ for the next year or two. :knitting:

WOW, what an afghan!! i never saw such a great aran afghan pattern for free. WOW, that would take a long time!

Love the cardigan. That, I might do!

I LOVE the socks. LOVE the socks.

That afghan is gorgeous…:inlove:

I’m loving the afghan, too. I probably won’t make it, but those cables sure are inspiring.

Also love that cardigan. Pretty lace pattern.

ohh the socks!! I need to go through my stash and start those:happydance:
I like the afghan to but I know me… big projects don’t get finished… only small ones do :teehee:

Oh, oh, oh I love :heart: the afghan–that could be my next WIP for the rest of my lifetime. :teehee:

I was just looking at the pattern. It’s made in three panels and then the top and bottom edge and sewn together. Broken down like that, it’s not so bad, just time consuming. I’m thinking I may have to try it!

Looking at yarn now. I really, really don’t like shelling out that much money at one time. :roll:

I like the cardigan and the afghan. I’ve been looking for an inspiring afghan pattern, maybe I’ll start it after Christmas (when I’ll have time, lol).

Oh my that afghan is nice…

I love those socks.

Of course you could sub it with Caron Simply Soft or another inexpensive yarn.

Oh, the socks!!! they are so cute. I’m totally making those as soon as I plow through my other 6 pairs on deck.