Wow, My First Knitting Request

I posted the finished Irish Hiking Scarf on my blog and one of the regulars there has actually asked me if I would make one for her if she bought the yarn.

I’m kinda flattered.

That is so cool. I would be thrilled if someone asked me that. It was one very cool scarf I am not surprised that you got an offer. How is the hat going today?

It’s gorgeous! You should post it in our What’cha Knittin’ forum, too. Lots of people have been following the saga of the scarf right along with you. :wink:

Ummm, I did. :rofl:

I’ve been pretty busy today but have managed to knit a few rounds on the hat so far.

Cool I can’t wait to see the progress on that.

Oops…I must have missed it! :shifty: :teehee:


That is beautiful!!! :muah:

What yarn did you use?

I love it! It looks like it was painted with watercolors. Very cool.

Thanks, it’s Caron Simply Soft Shadows.

:happydance:That’s great!!

That is definitely flattering. Better get to work! :guyknitting: :aww:

You should totally be flattered !! I clicked on your blog to see the pictures and it is a beautiful scarf. I really love knitting for other people and was so excited when a friend asked me to knit her a Booga bag that it took me 4 months to pick colors and I must have frogged it 10times b/c it had to be perfect.

While on your blog I read your post about the cost of groceries and I feel your pain (especially since getting married - you boys eat like you have a hollow leg !). Almost everytime I grocery shop I announce that I am giving up healthy living - milk here is up to $5.00 a gallon !!

Mason, what a beautiful scarf you made. The colours worked out well with the pattern. :cheering: Mason!