Wow..look at this bag

I just found this beautiful bag. :cheering: Seems like quite a few people did a KAL on this. Did anyone here do that bag?? :rollseyes: There were 26 pages of discussion on this and they finally got the pattern figured out. I really enjoyed reading all about it. I think I’d have to do the easy one from Berroco that they also showed.

This one is a Berroco “want a be”…

that bag is amazing!!

There found it. Page 11 Looks like they were having fun :smiley: . Slowing me up though on my icord. :rollseyes:
Dern cute purse. :thumbsup:

That looks hard :shock:

Oh :cheering: :cheering: I forgot to show you the original bag…see that price tag?? No wonder many are making their own.

They call it a “crochet” bag but it is knit. Many say the curls on the bottom are crochet. Anyway, I just found this whole thing very interesting. It does look difficult to do. I may have to knit up the “wannabe” bag from Berroco.

Wow, that is gorgeous! :inlove: :inlove:

:inlove: I love that bag… Right now I’m working on this one
but I really like this one… have saved the pattern and info I’m going to give it a shot and see if I can do it :shock: :rofling: but first I gotta free up all my Denises :rollseyes:

woah that is gorgeous!

Oooh, Dustina, that is gorgeous!! :inlove: :inlove:

I actually like the Berocco one (Lorraine) best. I bookmarked it for when I am feeling like a more advanced knitter. I think I have a little ways to go.


Oh, just give it a go! It looks harder than it is. The only way to get advanced is to do advanced things. My third knitted object ever was a sock! Be brave! And we’re here to help! :heart:

I have to agree - I figured I could be doing scarves for the rest of my life unless I took the plunge and went for it. Sure enough I made some mistakes but doesn’t matter - can either frog back or leave em in if they aren’t too bad - since the mistakes make it show as hand made which I think give it a better appeal =D

Go for it!

I got the pattern mailed to me just now - this is another one on the list of “to do”

I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever knitted anything perfectly. :rollseyes: Somewhere or somehow I end up making a tiny mistake or a big one and if it doesn’t show that much I keep going. I admit I wish I did it all perfectly…but doesn’t seem to be how I “knit”. :XX:

Me either! If I aimed for perfection, I’d still be stuck on my first scarf! :wink: Most mistakes I just let go; others I know I have to correct. It’s frustrating, sure, but the mistakes really do teach you a lot. And make the most of stitch markers and lifelines–they help fend off madness!

That bag is incredible! I wonder where you would get wicker for the top though? Something to think about making, thanks!

My daughter loves ferragamo bags, and this is as close as she is going to get to Mom getting one for her :wink:


It’s as close as I’ll ever get, too :slight_smile:

I’ve never even heard of Ferragamo bags :oops:
Both bags are beautiful!

YUM! That is a cute bag! Wouldn’t it be great if there were some handles with some leather at the top like the original? I’ve never seen any but that would rock!

I love Ferragamo… their shoes are really pricy, trendy and and beautiful.

Whoaaaaaaa! That’s a gorgeous bag… but IMHO, no bag is worth that money… the clone is not bad at all!.. That would be a completely different project for me… I’ve not ever made one… :XX: