Wow + Knitting

Hi! I mostly lurk on this board but this is a topic I can get into =)

I’ve been playing Wow for about 9 mos. or so now. I’ve been in a pretty big guild and mostly go on raids with them. It’s the fun part of the game for me because it’s interesting to see how 40 people from all over the world (mostly US and Australia) and complete a monumental task together once or twice a week. That, and I get to play with my hubby and RL friends.

Knitting and Wow together? You betcha! I just knit when they pass out the loot or autofollow someone else on the way to some place or even while in transit on the gryphon.

well, the only way knitting and wow’ll go together for me, is when my boyfriens plays wow. when I’m at his place at that time, I usually kill the time he’s playing while knitting. Usually he’s walking a lot, so we can have conversations.

I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons Online, lately. (It’s not quite what I’m looking for in a MMOG right now, but that’s a whole other post.)

Anyway, I sat my little dwarf cleric down in the pub and started to knit while I waited for her health and mana to regen. After a while I look up and see this fighter jumping up and down in front of me. He’d been spamming me with emotes and /tells, asking me to group.

I tell him, “Sorry. Didn’t mean to ignore you there – I was knitting.”

He says, “LOL! U roleplay?!!11!!”

Me: “No, I really was knitting in real life.”

Him: “…”

Him: “OMG Ur a dork!”

Yeah, you know it’s sad when somebody playing D&D calls you a dork. Weirdest part was, a few seconds later he sent me another tell asking if i was hot; dude, if I was hot would I be playing D&D and knitting?

I wish I knew how to knit when I was playing EQ, though. Might have made the downtime more bearable.

I just started WoW about a month ago. I knit while eating in game and while flying, etc. Sometimes I take a break to knit a row while I’m in a town or something where I know I won’t die. I’ve yet to do a raid (my highest character is only level 17, so I can’t do anything yet :mad: ) or even join a group with people I don’t know. I make Angelia play with me sometimes, though. We’re tiny and bad***. :twisted:

How funny…

I just started WoW last week. It’s sucking away my life! Please help me!

Knit-errant, that is funny. You almost want to respond “you must be at least 10 years old!”

Not sure how to help with the Wow addiction. Except for maybe having to run out for more yarn. I’ve been playing enough to enjoy but I log off at 10p.m. regularly because I know if I stay I’ll play until I drop and then drag my feet the next day. Bad when you have two kids, one of whom is home for the summer.

It’s kinda fun to learn how to knit during downtime. The bad part is it’s all close-up work and after a while my eyes want to cross.

Tiny + bad = gnomes? I have a gnome mage at level 26 trying to get to at least 28 soon because if I don’t I won’t be able to party with hubby and RL friends because I’d be too far behind. /train is so cute when gnomes do it.

Now, if I can only find a pattern for a hat with night elf ears…that would be great.

I have a gnome rogue. And I LOVE /train. I think that’s cutest thing ever. She’s only level 18 now, and I can’t even afford my stinking level 18 abilities. Gah. HOW do you make enough money for weapons in this game?!
I think my scarf is the perfect project for knitting during downtime because it doesn’t take very long to finish a row. Of course, circular projects are good, too. :thinking:

Aside from having friends who spend every waking hour playing it, my only involvement with WoW was a doing the voice over for a Mod that apparently never got finished. Pitty…I have a kickass evil voice.

I hear you all talking about down time. Is there a lot of down time on American servers? On European servers there is hardly any down time.

Sorry, can’t help with that! :rofling:

I do knit sometimes like Cate does, when flying to and fro. But usually there’s too much going on to knit. And yes, we have some really bad*** gnomes! And dwarven women…and Tauren… :blush: We’ve been busy… :rofling:

I’ve been playing WoW since closed Beta (about 2 years ago); it still sucks at my life. O.o I have a lvl 60 gnome warlock in full tier 2 and a lvl 60 gnome mage in partial tier 0 on one server (PvE), and a lvl 58 undead mage in partial tier 0 on another server (PvP). I have several lowbies on both servers, as well as a couple others. I love the game. :slight_smile:

CateKnits, you can make lots of money as a rogue picking pockets. Running quests is good, too. Gathering professions generate a lot of money when you sell the items in the AH. Other professions like alchemy, tailoring, blacksmithing, and leatherworking can make money by selling the crafted items on the AH. I wouldn’t reccommend enchanting unless you have a high-lvl char to supplement your coinpurse or want to be out of money all the time.


You can make a lot of money at selling things at auction, though you have to play it a lot like the stock market to make a LOT of money. In addition to selling stuff you find/make, you can also buy low and sell high–just watch for demand on things. It takes study and practice, or so I’m told. I don’t do this, and neither does the dh. We barely scrape by. We’ve no idea how we’ll ever get mounts since training sucks up most of our fundage! We’re not the stock-market types, so the AH has never held much appeal to either of us.

Nuu…you have a lvl 58 char on a PvP server?! I’m impressed!

Angelia, my hubby plays the AH like Hendrix could play a guitar. I lost track of how much gold he has which is being saved up for our flying mounts when the expansion pack comes out. I think he’s got enough for one and we’re working on gold for a second. There’s also some add-on you can install that helps you track prices of things sold on the AH so you can make/farm based on that. I know that materials can cost a pretty penny and people do buy them. I buy things for potions so someone can make them for me. It takes time to farm and not everyone has time to do it (I don’t).

Lieke, downtime is just when you’re traveling and sometimes when you’re in a big raid and people are deciding what to do with the loot, stuff like that. Not when the server goes kaput, though that does happen.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone’s come across any interested Wow-related patterns. I would really love to be able to do something fun and quirky for my hubby (not that he’d wear a hat with NE ears).

Add me to the WoW addicted knitting squad!

I’ve been playing WoW for who knows how long. My husband and I both play, but recently took a break to get our lives in order… lol We usually play with a group of RL friends who are constantly calling asking us to log on!

My hubby has been working the auction hall since we took our break. He started out with less than 100 gold and has made well over 300 gold in the last couple weeks, just logging on randomly and putting stuff up for sale.

I have a lvl 54 Undead Mage Enchantress/Herbalist and my husband has a lvl 55 Undead Warrior Mining/Blacksmither on a PVP server. We usually group with our friend the lvl 60 Priest Tailor/Skinner and two more RL friends of ours are bringing up newbies… not sure exactly what types yet.

Enchanting does leave you pennieless for most of your life. You disenchant everything you can get your hands on (for no xp) for supplies so you can eventually, hopefuly enchant someone’s items with those supplies. There are more than a couple websites devoted to enchanters and how much life sucks. You have to be a special breed of masochist to make it through enchanting without a lot of help. Which is also why we have taken a break… I became an insane Enchantress and no one, RL or Virtual, was safe! When you consider pawning your own goods to further your enchanting cause… it’s time to take a break. lol

I haven’t seen any WoW inspired knitting patterns, but I know I’ve seen someone asking about them on these forums previously. There was mention of a few things that one could make, but you’d have to make your own patterns for them…


There should be an entire guild of Knitting WoWsters.

Some of us have played together, though we have no set days or times. It would be nice to organize something and have characters that we only play with each other (have alts to play at other times).

Phisch: :cheering: for your dh! I don’t mind farming, and I do hop on occasionally just to do gathering and such, but I never sell the stuff. Pots and things we actually use (never have enough, it seems), and since I have an engineer, I mine & smelt to get her mad skilz up.

Blacksmithing is pretty much useless to me (I can’t wear mail and only use daggers) so I’m thinking of changing to some other skill that’ll either get me money or make something I can use. I wear leather, so I thought about skinning and tailoring, but I’m too new to really know what I should and shouldn’t bother with.
I was hoping there was an easier way than the AH (stock market style) to make money, since then I’d have to HAVE some to make some. But thanks for the suggestions. I’m wary of picking pockets because I don’t understand how it works. Do I pick pockets of humanoids and hope they don’t attack me? :??

My friend, a lvl 60 Priest has made tons of money with skinning and tailoring.
You may want to read the professions forums on the WoW website for clues as to how to level your craft the quickest/cheapest way possible. There are tons of people who have gone through every profession and found the best way to reach 300.
Their forums are not nearly as nice as our forums here :lol:

I’ve visited the forums and they’re so-so. My lvl 60 warrior has BS/Mining and it’s expensive to level, too. I hit 279 and have stopped. I figure why focus on moving up? I can just help the other guild members who are already at 300 but need materials or recipes and such.

One way you make money is by selling stuff like green items that drop. You’d be surprised how much you can make on those sorts of things because a lot of people with 60s want to just buy cool stuff for their low level alts.

Materials can be easy to farm if you want to bother. I used to run to Thousand Needles to farm for iron. You can get at least 20 bars in a few minutes if you know which cave to look in. Even though iron is a lower level ore, it’s worth a lot on the AH because lots of people just buy it to turn in for reputation increases. I used to farm that but now I’m turning it in for rep instead. I’m penniless because I wear plate and that stuff is costly!

If you can make potions you can make tons of money if you time it right. I think Friday/Saturday nights are when big heal potions, fire resist potions, shadow resist potions cost the most because those are the nights when most of the big raids happen.

What servers are you all on? I’m on Feathermoon. Since there are so many servers, it might be hard to actually get together.

One more thing and I’ll stop typing: last night I was at a loss. I finished my project last night (as far as I could go anyway) so when we ran Zul Gurub I had nothing to knit during the pauses! I know that has to be why I died so often…LOL!

I mostly play on Thorium Brotherhood. I think if we all wanted to play together, we’d have to start new characters anyway. I’m going to go play for an hour before work. :cheering:
I DID start picking pockets…that’s a good time! Five or six crappy level 13ish mobs gets me a silver. It’s MUCH faster than, like, killing them. If I pick pocket while grouped, does it get split?

No, it’s all yours. If you get items, the group can see it, but they don’t get any.