Wow. Killer lace

I, very fortunately it seems, have just begun a shawl for my MIL for Christmas, knowing that I’m not a very fast knitter, and this is my first large, lacy project.

Wow! Who knew I couldn’t count to 5 or 6!!! I’ve got about 2 inches so far, but it should be about 6 based on the number of actual rows I’ve done (and ripped back and done again!!)

Yes, I’m using lifelines, or I would have thrown the thing in the trash by now!!

Ahhh…now I feel better, having shared that with folks who will understand.

Actually, I suppose it’s going well, in that I am continuing to fix mistakes and not just knitting two together in frustration at random locations! :slight_smile:

I think with a few more correct repeats, I’ll begin to get it. Right?

I hear you! I’m doing a knit-along in the KAL section for my first lace shawl, which I’m also doing for my MIL. Unfortunately, I gave myself less than 6 weeks for it! I’m having some problems with it, and even with lifelines I’ve had to start over because the lace yarn I’m using doesn’t frog very well. I’m back on track now for the most part, but I wanted to show my support :slight_smile:

I started my first lace scarf before we went on vacation and haven’t gone back to it yet … I’ll probably have to frog what I’ve done when I do - and yes, I’m using a lifeline too and had to frog right before we left. ugH!

AH, I too understand… yes I am sure you will get it, getting the repeats is a huge help

Yep, once you get the repeats down it will (God willing :teehee:) go faster.

I had a dishcloth the kicked my butt not too long ago-I had to rip it and start over or tink so many times~the only reason I kept going was that it was a gift for my Mom and it was only a dishcloth (pathetic!) and I couldn’t let it win! LOL. I finally finished it and later she told me she liked the plain square one best. :wall: hehehe…

I hear ya! I have to say, this isn’t even a lace weight lace pattern! It’s really not hard at all…butI keep getting to the end of the row and having an extra stitch or one too few and finding out I purled 6 instead of 5 near the beginning of the row–just dumb stuff!

I’ve not done too much lace, because I find that when I knit lace I can’t talk to anyone! And with life and kids and distractions that’s a tough project to settle down to.
Good Luck!!

Stitch markers, stitch markers, stitch markers … most of the time I use a stitch marker between every set of stitches, even if it is only 4. It really helps me “read” my knitting and I know before I have gone too far where there is a mistake.

Lace knitting can definitely humble you. I also find that I can only work on lace projects when there are no interruptions or distractions likely. I put my latest shawl on hold until this winter when I will have many fewer distractions and obligations.
You have my support and sympathy.

I knit my first lace this spring. It was a scarf and I was in the same boat as you are now. Once I got the repeats down though it really went pretty fast. I can’t tell you how many times I started over, but hang in there you’ll get it.

When I knitted a baby blanket recently that had over a hundred stitches in the field, I used stitch markers to tell me where every repeat of the stitch was. Even then I had to frog it back about 4 rows when I discovered a mistake I made. The stitch wasn’t really complicated , it was the feather and fan pattern stitch but with a really hyper grandson living with me, it is a miracle I even got it finished