WOW, I'm making the switch from Vogue to Interweave!

[SIZE=3][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][SIZE=2]Never thought I’d do this, but… the last winter issue of Vogue was kind of ridiculous, the patterns… and the spring is the same. I always considered myself a Vogue girl but I have to say, I’m just lettin’ that thing expire, no resubscribing for awhile. Then, I got a trial issue of Interweave, decided I didn’t need it, but the 2nd issue came today (and I hadn’t said I would subscribe) and I really like the stuff. Vogue has sort of got too fancy for their own (or my) britches. Like they’re trying to be outrageous too hard. do you think? I really like some of the simple yet elegant patterns in the spring Interweave! So I guess I’m making the switch![/SIZE]

I see Vogue as frilly frou frou fashion stuff which I;m not into. Once in a blue moon they’ll have something I might knit or an article about KH or Vicki Howell or something interesting. But they are just not my cup of tea. I’m not into fashion. I’m into knitting. and Interweave is more about knitting. Sure they have frou frou fashion too but its all around knitting. Vogue seems to be about fashion that just happens to have knitting. Does this make sense? Anwya, I’m behind ya :thumbsup:

i’ve only picked up two issues of Vogue…and my reaction is so-so. I am a beginner…i’ll have to check out interweave…


I am also a much bigger fan of IK, although Vogue once in a while has a nice pattern.

frou frou alright! Some of the Vogues I have from a few years ago have some neat stuff but they seem to have just progressed? in the wrong direction.

I guess that some people like the frou frou look so let them get Vogue. I much prefer IK, too!

Link for anyone who wants it.

Boy, you got that right! frou frou must mean Vogue. I’ve been flipping thru a bunch of back issues of IK, Creative Knitting, & some Vogues. I’ve never subscribed to Vogue and this exercise has reminded me why.

So, does that mean the next issue of IK is out? I got my first “free” issue awhile back, sent my check but haven’t received another. I was starting to wonder when!!! Perhaps I’ll get one this week!

Spring 2008 is out. It’s got a yellow sweater/jacket on the front.

I’m going on vacation in early April and would love to have the summer issue for the trip, but I don’t think they are that early. :???:

I subscribed late last week, and got a message saying that the Spring issue was sold out (darn it) and my free issue would be the Summer one.

[COLOR=black]“frou frou”? Vogue has always been that but I love the patterns. I buy both Vogue and Interweave Knits but Vogue features more patterns that accommodate my bust line. I think they are both great.[/COLOR]

I receive IK and Creative Knitting(which I make more projects from). I think for a beginner knitter they both are great with glossaries on the terms and the how to on many of the stitches used.