Wow! I started a hat yesterday on sz. 17s>>>>

with Cascade Lana Grade. I can’t believe 1)that I got used to the needles so quickly, and 2)it knits up SO fast! I’m going to finish it today.
Last night I worked on a project with size 9s and they felt like toothpicks!

I could get used to this chunky stuff.

Okay, so my post is boring but I just had to share.

LOL - feels good to accomplish something so quickly doesn’t it? Can’t wait to see it!

I usually always have a variety of needle sizes going at the same time. Everything from 0’s or 1’s with socks to 11’s for something felted or chunky. At first it felt weird doing that. Going from logs to toothpicks, but now I hardly notice. Although my hands appreciate the change.

It was a little confusing using 2 giant circulars! I knitted a hat years ago and did the decrease with dpns.