Wow! I love this site!

I am so glad to have found this invaluable source for knitting. I have been trying to teach my 6th grade class knitting. They have a real interest… esp. the boys. Since it is only me trying to teach several at one time, many get frustrated that I can’t get to them individually very quickly. So my plan next week is to go to the computer lab and pull up this site. Now they all have excellent video directions to follow. I’ll let you know how this works! Fingers crossed…

you should check out the ‘real men knit’ on and have them watch that too, this way they can see grown men knit-football players too.

i just have to say :cheering: for you for teaching them. that is great. hope it works well. be sure to let us know and show us what they make.

Welcome to the forum! It’s wonderful that you are teaching the class to knit! This site is a great resource.

Here’s another that I’ve found helpful, it sort of reinforces or clarifies technique for me sometimes. It’s not as comprehensive as this one of course.

Welcome! And :cheering: for teaching kids to knit!

OK… I have been contacting the tech-ies at our school. We have not been able to download the video streams. Our school’s server is too small, etc., but I can get a stream to pop up on ONE computer. ugh…
Anyway, I’ve been plugging away teaching one at a time after school. They are catching on and the word has spread. I have most of my after school time booked for the next two months!!! I don’t mind… they are so tickled that they can make anything! Some of my earlier tutor-ees are ready to move one to greater and fancier projects but I find that I am limited in time and talent. Any suggestions as for an easy hat pattern? That seems to be the next request… beyond how to purl.