Wow..I just "downloaded" a Christmas Gift

Hi everyone…Did anyone else get a free (downloadable) copy of 5 sock patterns from Knitting Daily? I did…and the patterns are awesome!!!:muah: only one catch (for me anyway) they are all Intermediate:verysad:

Yes, I did - the patterns are very nice.

Doesn’t matter what they’re labeled - if you want to make one of them go for it. Could be they’re called Intermediate because they’re socks…

oh I have to go find that… :cheering:

link, please?

Starcraft ii replays

I get newsletters from them…I suppose you would have to create an account/register…

I don’t get emails I just check the site everyday. Some of these patterns were already free, but they just compiled them into one PDF. I’ve always wanted to make the caspian socks. :thumbsup:

I was just thinking the same thing, Jan. I’ve never done this kind of colorwork, though. I might need to practice on something other than socks first, eh? :rofl:

I’ve gotta say that I do love free patterns though! The first pattern is lovely!