Wow! Have you seen these!?

These are amazing!

Here’s a link I found on Ravelry for making some.

Now those are neat!! :cool:

Thanks Jan! Those are really neato! I especially appreciate the “how to” link!
It looks soooo easy. The tutorial is great!

The flickr balls may have had embroidery/crewel techniques applied to the surface of the unfelted balls. That would work for the artwork!

They would be so nice, and novel, to give at a baby shower!
Safe [I]and quiet[/I] little balls! :wink:

Those are really cool! Thanks for posting Jan :slight_smile:

That is so cool!!! Now if I only had some pantyhose!!!

Oh I guess they could be embroidery of some type, but I thought maybe it was needle felting. :think:

those are so pretty… but, umm, what are they for?

Yeah, me too:) – gorgeous, but what do you do with them?

They’re so pretty- like art! I would just display them in a nice bowl on my coffee table.

(I thought they were done by needle felting too)

Those are really cool!

what do you need them for…what is their function ??:whoosh:

Not a clue what they are for, but I think I would display them in a beautiful bowl.

hahahahaha, that was my first thought.

The tutorial says they are “dryer balls”, what is that?

I think the fancy ones are needle felted too. They are very pretty, love the fish ones.

Yeah, I’ve been wondering what they’re for too. All I can think of is maybe attracting lint??

I looked up dryer balls and they take the place of dryer sheets. Of course do they work don’t know.:shrug:
I am with the rest I would put them in a bowl on a table. They are so pretty. I too think it was hand felted pictures on them.


I think the “dryer ball” ones are supposed to fluff up your laundry without the use of fabric softener sheets like these ones.

Yes, strange as it may seem, dryer balls do work. And I’ve used tennis balls in a pinch, and the clothes came out great, so I’d assume these would work the same way. :slight_smile: They are really pretty.

I thought they would make a good toddler toy, provided they were big enough and didn’t unravel to pose a choking hazard. They reminded me of soft blocks.

ETA- Some parents use dryer balls (or tennis balls) instead of fabric softener- especially on flame retardant sleepwear. Fabric softener inhibits the flame retardant quality. It really does work fine- it bangs the clothes around and softens them. Plus it’s wonderful sounding while drying. (LOL)

That’s a really great idea! Now I have a use for my left-over yarn. Yeah!

They are really great to use if you’re drying a comforter or a down jacket or something. Things that need to be “puffed up” as it were.

Why do they need to have a function? Can’t they just be art? :shrug: