WOW! Gail is a Goddess!

Thank you so much, Gail - I received the parcel this morning - my very, very first RAK, and all the way from across the ocean!

This is what I woke up to grin

It’s so beautiful, and I’ve not felt such soft yarn before… thank you so, so much Gail:cheering:

Here’s a close-up…

I truly can’t wait to try this out, got my eye on a lovely lace pattern, think it’ll feel like the cool wind on my shoulders when it’s made up grin

I’m off round to my friend’s to show off now grin
Thanks again, and here’s to many more RAKs :slight_smile:
Fi xxx

:inlove: Sooooooooo pretty!!!


That is beautiful.

Woah that’s gorgeous. What kind of yarn is it?

It’s Handmaiden SeaSilk :slight_smile: It’s made of Silk and Seaweed… yay for mermaid magic… I’d asked about varigated yarns not made with animal based fibers cause I’m allergic to them, and this seems to be the momma of them all… So gorgeous… my friends were all suitably impressed when I turned up with it tonight :wink:

:whistle:Wow! that is gorgeous!!! :yay: so happy for you.

Hi Fi,

Yikes, I’ve never been called a Goddess before. :aww: (Well, by anyone other than DH anyway… :blush:)

I’m so happy you like the yarn!!! :hug: When it arrived such a different color than the picture on the website, I was bummed because it was too pretty to get buried in my stash, but I’m too slow a knitter to use anything I don’t absolutely adore. Seeing your post about animal fibers was the perfect answer. I hope it knits up into something FABULOUS! :inlove: