Wow, can anyone help me with creating a pattern

My goodness, I just saw the Mary J. Blige Video entitled “Be Without You”. I only got it because Terrence Howard is in it. Need I say more. Anyway Mary was wearing the most amazing sweater. I have just completed a very rough sketch of it, but I don’t know what to do next. Is there a doctor in the house. A knitting doctor that is. If there is anyone who knows of a website or a book I can buy to hopefully put me on the path to making this sweater become a reality in my closet I would be ever so grateful.

Umm… maybe you could take a simple sweater pattern and then add the fancy things… that’s the best I can give you… :lol:

I just watched the video, but what sweater are you speaking of?
I only saw her wearing tanks.
Or do you mean that cardigan thing? I guess that would be hard to knit without having had a closer look at it.

I know there are some major fashionistas on this site that have completed their own designs and taken them from the sketch pad to the blocking board correct.

Oh, no say it ain’t so.

A Cardigan is a sweater, Yes?. At least a type of sweater.

Thanks anyway girls.

can you post a picture or a link to a picture???

Thank you Hildegard Von Knitten. Because it is in a video I probably cannot post a picture. I really didnt expect anyone to miraculously determine what the pattern should be without seeing the sweater themselves. I was just hoping somone could tell me (if they have experience in knit design), what they usually do after they have a sketch of an item what their next step is, for example with a monogram you first determine what letter you want and then you can print onto graph paper and follow the graph paper to get your pattern. I am pretty sure I saw a site with some kind of computer program that helps take a design from beginning to end.

Thanks guys!

Well, if you check out THIS thread in the KAL forum, there’s some directions on how to get started with designing. YOu have to start with your gauge and your measurements.

There are books on sweater design available at The one I
have is Sweater Design in Plain English by Maggie Righetti. I used it only
once to make a plain pullover in a luscious yarn, which turned out a real
beauty. Following the instructions was difficult for me, but you may be better at math than I.

The Encyclopedia of Knitting by Lesley Stanfield and Melody Griffiths has a section on designing and charting, and it is specifically for a sweater. I’ve used the book often for stitch patterns and general help, but I’m not to the point of designing yet, so I don’t know if the chapter is any help or not.

See if you can check it out from the library, that’s how I always get my books, and see if it’s worth it before you buy it.

You HAVE to post a pic once you get your sweater under way!!!