Wow, Cables Are Cool

As I wanted to learn how to cable I just started making the Irish hiking scarf. I really didn’t think doing cables would be that easy.

It’s amazing to watch them appear like that. Very cool.

I totally agree! They look so intimidating and impressive, but they’re honestly not too difficult! The Irish Hiking Scarf was my first project, and it’s definitely a great first cable project (you get a lot of practice, as I’m sure you’re beginning to realize) Congrats on your newfound talent for cables, and keep up your awesome work! :smiley:

Yay! I love cables too, and I really like the Irish Hiking Scarf. There are great online tutorials for cabling w/o a cable needle, which has a similar “wow” factor.

What a good thing to start cables with. I was intimidated at first but soon realized that cables are really easy. Good luck with the scarf.

I’ve always thought of cables as the knitter’s secret weapon. They add so much “wow factor” to a pattern but they’re so, so easy to knit! :slight_smile:

Cables are really so easy, and impressive to others. I tried my first on my sampler scarf it’s almost addictive. I can’t wait to do a fisherman’s sweater with tons of them!

I felt the same way when I learned. I thought they would be so hard and while they look impressive we are the only ones who know how easy they are!

At the moment, I have a different opinion!! I’m making some dress socks with three cables running down the calf. Cables on #0 dpns using a tiny, two-ply sock yarn is NOT for the faint of heart. The danged little tight stitches just LOVE to jump off those needles. The yarn splits 'til you can’t tell what’s a stitch and what ain’t… (mutter, mutter)

Actually I love the look of cables and normally don’t mind them. At the moment though…

Next time: plain, no frills socks!!!

I love cables. They’re easy and beautiful and everyone thinks they’re hard…Oh but I guess everyone else has already said that.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I’ve recently discovered cables too, and everyone is so right!!

I used to think they were… and i dont want to offend anyone here… but Grandmotherish :)!!
But dont worry i’ve come around now and i do like them!!

I really like cables. And, once you learn a few basic cables, you’ll be able to knit very intricate cable patterns.

Cables rule!!! They definitely are easy to make and make others say: “Wow, you did that?”:rofling:…

I still have problems with cables!! I know there is supposed to the that little whole next to the twist, but mine are big enough to drive a mack truck through!!!

I can only ditto several other comments. They looked complex and scary when I first saw them and then once I got into the rhythm of the patterning I loved it and yes, seeing them appear and twist and grow.


Poor scubasinger! But just think how impressed we all will be when you post pictures of your finished socks!

I’m still getting past how anyone can work with such tiny needles at all!

So far the smallest I’ve worked on are size 2s.

You don’t sound like a plain, no frills socks kind of person. :think: I’m thinking lace socks may be in your future :thumbsup:

Yes, cables are cool – I can’t wait to start the Cable Down Raglan from the Spring Interweave Knits magazine. I got a bag of Cascade 220 in a beautiful Sapphire Blue heather waiting to be made into that sweater!

I made many pairs of cabled wrist warmers for Chrismas presents last year. Cables are fun.


Before I knitted cables (my third sweater was cabled) I always thought they were hard. After 2 sweaters in knit and purl only, I wanted something more difficult, and started making a cabled sweater, assuming it was hard to knit cables. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Cables are really easy. They just look hard, which makes them great. Every non-knitter thinks you’ve made something really difficult, but in fact it was really easy. (after the cables, I tried lace, which was also way easier than I had ever thought)

i looooooooooooooves me some cables!

Ironically, this turns out to be true for most, if not all of knitting. it looks hard, but it really isn’t. I just finished a small project to do Entrelac, as I wanted to find out how to do it, the process of it is long and tedious IMO, but as kellyK likes to state, it’s just pulling loops of yarn through other loops of yarn. (okay so i paraphrased it, sue me) This, I think is why so many of us find Knitting to be a addictive habit, (There are others, which I won’t get into here.) because it is deceptively hard. And why most knitters hear “I wish I could knit, but it looks so hard” That’s my theory anyway.

When I first started knitting I was shopping with a friend who saw a really pretty cabled scarf she wanted to buy but I told her not to because I could make one like it for her. She said “you can make that even with those twisties on it?” “Sure, no problem” I told her (even though I was thinking to myself I’m going to have to head over to KH and watch that video). Anyway to make a long story short she was very impressed that a new knitter could do cables. I too made the Irish Hiking Scarf as my first cable project. They’re just so fun and easy to make!