Woven Rib St: something isn't right

Happy Sunday all!

In order to learn different things without stress I have been going pattern by pattern in the book Super Stitches Knitting by Karen Hemingway.

So far there have been a few patterns that needed a lot of corrections and I was able to figure out how to right the wrong but this woven rib is killing me. All it seems I am doing is making increases with no end in sight.

It reads as follows:
Multiples of 2, plus 1
R 1(rs): *K1, yfwd, sl1, ybk - rep from * to the last st, K1
R 2: P
Repeat these 2 rows.

I have pulled this out about a dozen times thinking that I am miscounting but what I am coming up with looks absolutely nothing like the picture in the book. Not to mention with all of the yfwds all I am doing is making this larger and larger.

Am I simple, is there something obvious that I am missing or is the pattern just off and in need of a tweak. I even looked at newstitchaday.com and their woven rib was nothing like this one and even that didn’t add up correctly.

Thank you all in advance for any clarity on this :slight_smile:


The yarn forward doesn’t use a stitch. What you should have is a knit stitch, the yarn coming forward, the slipped stitch, then the yarn going back (which will leave a float across the slipped stitch on that side of the work), and so on until you knit the last stitch.

OK, I see what I’m doing. I was essentially doing a y/o as the yfwd… duh.
See, sometimes it just takes another set of eyes :slight_smile:

I did scratch the yfwd instruction out though for the future b/c I know I’ll make this mistake again. It’s obvious now that if the st after the K1 is Sl1 that you are going to move the yarn forward.