Would you wear this?

I’m sorry but to me it looks like a flashing neon sign saying “I have a huge butt.”

Wrapped In Crochet


your comment on the design made me lol – not my style but it does looks kinda cool.

LOL I think you’re right. Perhaps if I didn’t have a huge butt it might be OK, but since I do… definitely not something I would wear. :slight_smile:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

There would never be a reason for anyone to ever ask “Do I look fat in this?”

Thanks for sharing!

Ruthie :chair:

I personally would not wear that, but I think it would look great on someone who is, lets say, a size 2! hee hee

I have a small butt (size 6-8) and I absolutely would not wear that either. Looks like a target on her back, too. :doh:

I’m small, but proportionally, I’m a pear. I wouldn’t wear lots of stripes across by butt. No way.

Looks like I’m in the minority but…

I have a huge butt. We’re talking 4 inches bigger than my hips, 12 inches bigger than my waist. I would wear that with the swirl being in the color of the rest of the garment. I don’t mind having attention drawn to my butt :slight_smile:

I’m in the minority too! I have a big butt, but I still would wear that. I think it looks cute :slight_smile:

I have to third the motion…my butt is huge, and do like it…

If you can’t beat it…join it…!

I’d probably wear it.

I never see myself from the back anyway.


Well see there… I wouldn’t wear on a dare, but others love it! It’s nice there are so many choices out there. :thumbsup:

I love the pattern textures, and I would love to wear it and walk in front of my DH and say, honey does this make my butt look big?
Because no matter what, he will say, no honey, not at all! (safe answer)(and I would look for a straight face)

It would be cute without the bottom part, which makes it look ridiculous, IMO.

Ladies, Ladies you are all to critical of your selves. When a man pats a lady (with her consent) it is nice to have something to hold/pat that is not bone. It is also nice to watch some wiggle as she walks way.
Don’t be so negative about your self, unfortunately there are too many people out there to do it for you and their opinion doesn’t count.

Just not my style. It seems awfully oversized and floppy. I’d forever be getting hung up on something and hurting myself.

I love my big butt. I’d wear it.

I don’t think I want to walk around the city with a bullseye on my back!

I sorta would wear it but I’d make a solid colour and maybe a wee bit shorter.I’d love to see the front side

Thank you for saying this… :muah: