Would you like to help?

Hi Everyone, I have a very dear friend who has been fighting Cancer for the last 20 years. She has a very big heart, always doing for others. What she is doing now is Loom knit hats for children with Cancer for the American Cancer Society. She loves doing the baby hats and hats for little girls. I told her I would help her with the “boy” hats. The children are all ages between Preemie and 18. I was wondering if anyone would like to help me surprise her by knitting a hat or two for her cause. “Boy” hats would be great but “Girl” hats would be fine too. She hasn’t asked for help, I just decided I would help her out. If you decide to donate a hat:
Any size will do
Soft yarns like Caron So Soft
No stitches that will make a knot or lump (some of the kids sleep in their hats)
Your imagenation is your limit
You can embellish the hat with fun fur or fancy yarn if you put it up high on the hat.
Pom Poms are okay, the kids love them
You hat can be any style
Please make sure your hat is machine washable

Just PM me and I will send you my addy for the hats. To all who respond, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Nana

Hugs to your friend for helping others while she’s going through a long illness herself. :hug:

Sure, I think I can do that. Is there a due by date? Gotta make sure that works for me, too.

Hi Jan,
Thanks for helping. There is no due date. Just when ever you can. Nana

I would be glad to make one too. PM me your address and I’ll let you know when mine is finished.

Thanks Wanda, I appreciate your help. I have PM my address to you, Nana

Okay, that works! Just need the address.

I can drop what I’m working on now and make a couple. Please provide your address.


Hi Nana…I am in San Rafael right now!!! I’m not sure of the distance between us, but I started one on the plane …and I will be leaving on Thurday…I would love to send to you…pm me:muah: