Would You Drive 5 Hours to See the Yarn Harlot?

While shopping in the yarn store in Jacksonville this weekend, the store owner told me that she just found out that the Yarn Harlot will be visiting next month (see the Harlot’s blog, in which she just posted this info today).

Man oh man…I live about five hours away! I was only there because of my daughter’s soccer practice.

And, she’ll be there on a Thursday night!

Would you make the effort to go?

Personally? Probably not, but not because I don’t want to see her. I’d LOVE to see her because I love her books, but I don’t like to drive much and I get nervous on the freeway. Maybe if a bunch of my knitter friends were going I would try though!

No. I admire her & have bought 2 of her books, but no. I wouldn’t go that far. I don’t have knitting friends to go with to make a fun overnight trip. Loss of work time there too.

No way in the world.

Unless I was in the area anyway doing other things, nope I wouldn’t drive that far. The gasoline prices in my area are too high to justify driving that far. Now if she was less than 2 hours-I’d go, no question.

As much as it pains me to say it - No. I would love to see her, but 5 hours in the middle of the week is just too much for me. If it was a weekend, I might consider it - even with the high gas prices.

Am I crazy in saying yes? But I would see if I could find some friends to go with me, to help with the gas and to have fun. I am bummed cause she was in Philadelphia with her last tour and my knitting group decided not to go, I wish I would have gone, hubby and kids could have gone with me and played tourists. Also I am not around a lot knitters here so to find other people who understand knitting more than my husband would be great!

Oh yes I would! I would round up a couple of knitting buddies and make a party of it :slight_smile:

Yup, if I could make it fit into my schedule and get some girlfriends to go with me, I’d go in a heartbeat!

Yup I would go and find some way to drag along my knitting friends. You know if I lived closer I would go with you.

As far as I know…she lives in Toronto, as do I…so NO…

And I am not a huge fan either way…

The only person I would consider driving 5 hours for, is Drew Carey…drool And maybe the Barenaked Ladies…but then…they too live in Toronto…

Um… YES!! But that’s because I am totally a fan of the Harlot’s.

<------NOT a creepy stalker, honestly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If I had knitting friends to go with I would consider it. I love her work and she is going to be about 5 hours from me, but don’t know anyone locally who knits and hubby wouldn’t be home to watch the farm anyway.

If I had the $, I absolutely would. I love her! (also in a non-stalker, non-creepy way LOL) But I would have to finish a sock first.

I’ve driven four hours to see her! I turned it into an overnight yarn crawl and had a great time, visiting a friend, and then spending a night alone.

I’d do it again if she’s anywhere near. A Thursday night is difficult, though. I’d do it if you can swing it!

The only person I would consider driving 5 hours for, is Drew Carey…drool

Crycket, are you talking about the Drew Carey on the Price Is Right? Are you serious?

Yes I am!

I am totally in love with the guy and I am totally bummed that he is engaged, despite the fact that I am getting married in about a month! giggles

This is me with Drew at Casino Rama, I think it was 2003, then I saw him again the next year (it was a improv allstars thing) and he signed it for me…

Then two years later I got to meet him once again at the theatre I was working at…(2006)

Yes…I just have strange taste in men…smiles

I think he is hilarious, but wouldn’t drool for him. That’s just me. Great pictures, by the way.

Just proof that I have been in the same room with him…he is VERY nice in person…and in my eyes…Hawt!

But back on topic, I have to say…I am pretty lazy about travelling…it has to be a pretty big thing for me to go out of my way…farthest I have been out of my way…was…hmmmm…maybe 2 hours for the Drew Carey thing at Casino Rama…I think…

:woohoo: Absolutely!!! If I could be a passenger-so that I could knit all the way there & back-that would be even better. I would try to get a group together or check out alternative transportation-wouldn’t a train ride be fantastic. I have heard her speak at least 3 times & been thoroughly entertained every time. Julianne in Tacoma WA