Would you do this?

Would any one mix wool ease with the red heart super saver. The pattern is individual blocks with different stitch patterns then sew each block together to make a Afghan.

Before I get to far into using the wool ease.

Thanks in advance for the replies

I think they would work okay, WE seems to act like acrylic. You could CO about 20 sts, work a couple inches in one yarn, then a couple more in the other and wash that, see how they behave together.

I mix the same weight yarn when I’m making stash hats. In most cases it doesn’t really matter.

That being said I agree Sue that you should do a swatch. The only way to be sure is to do it and see how it looks.

Red Heart is a #4 worsted weight. Woolese chunky is a #5 bulky. They also have Woolese Thick and Quick which is a #6 superbulky. Assuming you have the chunky, you would have a #4 and a #5. So I would say, no you can’t use them together. The gauge on the two would differ. As far as type, the acrylic and wool blend should be okay. From the posts I’m reading, the wool blends don’t shrink. It’s your project and you can do it any old way you want to. The only ones I wouldn’t put together would be an acrylic and 100% wool. The wool parts would shrink in the washer.

Wool-ease also comes in a worsted weight.

Woolease comes in worsted too, and there’s a lot more colors of it than in the bulkis. They used to have a sportweight but discontinued it a few years ago in favor of the heavier weights.

I forgot to state that the wool ease is a worsted weight yarn. Thanks for the replies, never thought about doing a small swatch of both and washing them to see how the come out

Thanks for the info about the worsted weight. I didn’t know that. I looked for this at my local Walmart today and couldn’t find it except in the superbulky. Pitiful selection of yarns all around. I saw a lot of nice ones online today that aren’t available here. Looks like I’ll have to start ordering online.

the wool ease yarn that I am wanting to use is the Loin Brand Yarn, I had bought this because I liked the dark multi colors in it, and never thought about mixing 2 different types of yarn materials.