Would this yarn felt?

I’m looking for a yarn for a felted bag for my aunty. It is to mimic a bag she saw in a store which was lightly felted and still retained some texture and nubiness to it quite like this bag here. I cant realy afford to have two yarns (one textured and another feltable to carry with it) so need somthing that has both features.
I found a Lionbrand yarn called Sashathat looks like it might work, it has a high wool content and lots of texture, but because it is a woven rather than spun yarn i’m not sure if it will felt properly.

any suggestions for yarn, or experience of felting this particular yarn?


It is roving so should felt even better than other yarn. I would swatch a bit and give it a try first though. The small amount of nylon should not matter, I felt some schaeffer yarns that have a little nylon in them without difficulty.