Would this work?

I have a pillow pattern that measures appr. 35 in. square but I only want to knit the pillow to be half that size. It is an intarsia pattern (does that simply mean multiple yarns or is it something more complicated??). I’m thinking that if I refine the graph I can just knit a smaller pillow from the original pattern. Is there anything that might cause a problem by not following the pattern exactly? I’ve never modified a pattern before, but considering I’m knitting a simple square I don’t forsee any complications. However! Any advice from experienced knitters would be welcome.

Intarsia is a technique where you use multiple colors and twist the yarns at the color changes. The yarn is kept loose or on bobbins and it’s not carried across like in Fair Isle and it’s done flat. You can alter the pattern, but keep the design in mind. Here’s some links to intarsia.

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Just make a graph that is the size you want and you will be fine.

OK. I checked out the intarsia sites and think I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the help!