Would this be too weird?

Hiya guys: question for you, and all opinions are welcome.

I’m getting together the Knitterly/Crocheterly Prize for the KAL for Knit A Square that I’m running on my blog. I happen to have a very little used full set (including extra sized tips that aren’t in the normal full set) of KP Harmony interchangeable needles. (They aren’t in their packaging anymore, but they’re in the KP zip bag.) Would it be too weird to give this set as part of the Knitterly Prize? Or should I just buy a new set of tips and a cable?

I blogged about it here.

Hmmm…I think it would probably be ok to do as long as you were up front about them being gently used…As long as they are in good shape, and the winner fully acknowledges the set is a gently used set and is OK with that, I would think it should be fine.

I agree about just letting people know that they are “gently used.”

Personally, I am weird about used items and only buy things new, but I doubt most people would mind at all. :sun:

Personally I don’t mind used things like books or needles as long as they are in good shape and aren’t presented as new. You could have a choice of either the needles or something else for those like Gamerchik who have a problem with it. :wink:

Well, the actual reality is that I’ve used one of the pairs of tips to do a swatch, and I screwed them all onto a cable to make sure there weren’t any problems when I got them! So they’re very gently used! :slight_smile:

Just can’t decide…I guess part of the problem is that I discovered after buying this set that I don’t actually like knitting on wood, so hearing that a set of Harmony tips was part of a prize really wouldn’t excite me personally too much. I’d rather get one Addi circular! :slight_smile:

Ponder, ponder, ponder…

I LOVE Harmonies and am an avid “needle finder” at yard sales and in thrift stores…if I found a whole set like this, even if they were wrapped in old pillowcases…I’d do several happy dances…a couple of backflips and then KNIT KNIT KNIT!!! :cheering: :woot: :woohoo: :woohoo: :teehee:

That’s good to know, Mary! Maybe this’ll work…I was going to sell it to make back some of the money, but you know what? I really want to get people to help these kids, so what the heck…

It’s a prize, so I don’t think the winner has the right to say “I don’t like the prize”, know what I mean?? If you don’t want the prize in whatever drawing/contest/etc you shouldn’t be entering.

I think as long as you say that it’s gently used, you’re covered as to not mis-representing it.

Personally, I’ve love to win them!

Hey, feel free to enter a square, Marilyn! :slight_smile:

this would be a wonderful prize especially the extras that come with:thumbsup:

Gently used would be fine with me.