Would my "modifications" to this pattern work?

Hi all!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been on here, but I’ve decided to dust off my needles and give knitting another go. I’ve been searching for a simple, easy to knit blanket that I can use my set of 12 balls of the same yarn for. I found a promising pattern that I want to modify, but wanted a more experienced hand to critique my modifications.

Here is the pattern: https://www.knitpicks.com/patterns/Knit_Beginner_Blanket__D55732220.html

Basically, the pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, and the yarn I want to use is “3 Light” which, I believe is DK weight. The reason I want to use this yarn is because I’m in love with the color (It’s Missoula from Debbie Macomber’s Blossom Street Collection Wild Meadow), and the yarn is so soft and comfy feeling it’s basically asking to made into a blanket. I don’t plan on creating stripes, just making the blanket one solid color.

Would the pattern still work with this weight of yarn, or would I have to scrap the idea? If I can use it, would it make for a smaller blanket overall than the pattern says? If so, would adding a few cast on stitches extra to the pattern fix this?

What are your thoughts and ideas?

Swatch with your yarn and see what size needles gives you a result you like - you’ll almost certainly want smaller than than sz 9. Check for gauge. You can go with whatever size it will make or add stitches for however many inches you want to add and cast on that many more. It’s just garter stitch so you don’t need to worry about multiples or anything. Garter stitch will make little color blips across the row when you change color so if you’re doing that you will probably want to do all color changes on the same side. It should be a fun knit. Enjoy!

You could try the pattern exactly as written and knit for about 8-10 inches to see how you like it. If it’s too narrow for you, add more cast on stitches. If it’s too “airy” and you want a more solid fabric, start over with a pair of needles that are 2-3 size size smaller than the ones suggested.

But if u like it, just keep going and you won’t have to rip it out!!!


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That’s what I would do. @knitcindy It probably wouldn’t take that many inches to see how the yarn and needles are playing together either.

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Thanks! I’m using 6.0mm/10 needles for this project. I figured a larger set of needles would give me larger stitches and make up for the thinner yarn.

Larger needles with a thin yarn gives you a “Lacey” type of look. But you could do a sample and see how u like it!!!

Be sure to post a pic of your blanket when you’re done! We love seeing finished projects!!


It’s knit in garter stitch so the size is very easy to change and you can use any yarn you want. The amount of yarn you have will partly determine the size you get/want. In your case you could just cast on an extra X number of stitches. Or as suggested cast on the suggested number and see how wide it is. If it’s not enough rip it out and cast on more. A small gauge swatch would work to measure, too.

The first thing I do when looking at a pattern like this is check Ravelry and see if

  1. anyone else used that weight yarn
  2. what others cast on and what size they got

It doesn’t look like anyone used a lighter weight yarn, but they did change the cast on.