Would like to try socks

I would like to try my hand at sock knitting, but I have no idea what size needle I would use. I would like to place a knitpicks order. Now I know that patterns vary, and there is no ONE size used for socks, but what are the most common DPN’s used? I can afford to get a couple of sizes, so I was just wondering.

Do it, do it, do it! So much fun.
I would say to get a few sizes based on the yarn you’re planning to use. Do you know that yet? Once you do, buy the sizes recommended for that particular yarn weight.

I’ve made worsted weight socks on size 7s, sport weight socks on size 3s and size 4s, and I’ve got some “sock yarn” that I’ll probably knit up on 1s or 2s as recommended by the label.

I would suggest getting your yarn/wool first.

The size needle depends on the yarn you are using. I use “mm” but I’ve seen lots of patterns for US size 0, 1, & /or 2.

Personally, I think a worsted or sports weight yarn is good for a first sock. My first socks were of worsted weight. The benefit is that it takes less stitches so you end up seeing results faster.

If you can handle a bit of delayed gratification, then go smaller.

I’m working on my second pair of socks. I’m using either 4s or 5s for this one. I used either 2s or 3s for the first pair.

You may want to get an assortment just to cover you in case you can’t get gauge on one particular size.

Good luck! It’s an AMAZING adventure! :cheering:

My first socks are worsted weight on size 6 needles.

I was told by a gal at our knitting nite that socks are “mindless” and anyone can do them standing at a bus stop … she suggested starting with baby socks … I plan to try them when I quit becoming a [color=red]Professional Frogger Of Shawls [/color]… :grrr:


I suppose for someone who has done a few hundred of them they would be “mindless”. For those of us just learning they are a challenge.

Take a look at Silver’s Sock Class. Perhaps you can follow her tutorial to knit your first pair of socks and if so, she tells you what needle size you need for whichever yarn you choose. Hope this helps…

And don’t worry Mason–sock knitting isn’t mindless for me either and I think I’m a pretty decent knitter…!

Silver’s sock class is great, but I suggest for your first pair to make “house socks” and use larger needles and DK or worsted weight yarn. It helps if you can get a feel for what you are doing before you start on this itty bitty needles and yarn.

I appriciate all of the responses. I think the house sock idea is a good one. Thanks!!!

Ooh that sock tutorial looks fabby! One day I’ll be brave enough to try socks :oops:

Good luck with yours Letah!