Would like to start knitting my first sweater

I really would like to make a cardigan, what I would call a “boyfriend” sweater or a crew neck cardigan with regular length sleeves. I would like it one color and I would like it long enough so if I bend over my lower back isn’t exposed. I have been searching my normal places for patterns and I don’t see what I want. I see lots of patterns for cardigan sweaters, but they all have some kind of crazy (for me anyway) collar, or they are two short or the sleeves aren’t long enough.

For my first sweater, I really would like to have the pattern and follow it, instead of trying to modify something I have never done before.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Here’s some simple cardigans that would probably fit your needs.

You can order online or check your local LYS to see if they carry them.

You can always add length to any sweater pattern, between the lower ribbing/border, and the underarms. Same for the sleeves, they can always be made longer.

Thank you so much Jan for that link. The sweaters are all very pretty.

My first sweater was #9724 and I found the pattern pretty easy and well written. :thumbsup: There are several others I want to make now, too.

the Banana Crew is a cute one. It is a crew twinset.


I hope that link works. It is on Ravelry and is a free pattern if you can’t link there. That way you would at least see the picture since it isn’t on the PDF.

Here is the link with the picture on Ravelry.