Would like stocking stitch on both sides of scarf

I am making a scarf and i love the stocking stitch. I would like both sides to look like this. How would i go about doing that? Thanks much for any help. T

you meen the all ‘v’ pattern of stockinette?

The easiest way is to simply do 2 scarves and stitch together back to back.
You could also try double knitting (i think there is a video which shows this technique).

a third alternative is to knit a tube in the round which can the be flattened and sewen at either end.

These all result in scarves which are double thickness which can be bulky/very warm, but does aleviate the problem of your stockinette curling.

If you don’t want a double thickness scarf why not try a 1x1 rib (k1p1) in a fine gauge? often the way the rib bunches up you are left with just the apearance of the columns of knits (the Vs and the columns of purls bumps inbetween are obscured.

You could also knit the scarf double wide, then fold in half and sew. I guess you could knit double length, but then you would have to sew two long sides and one short rather than 2 short sides and one long.

I’m not sure but couldn’t you knit in the round and make a tube? It would be double thickness but you wouldn’t have to seam it. Maybe if you chose a lighter weight yarn it could work. I think i’ve seen a pattern like this floating around the net somewhere. Oh yea, here it is:

there are several ways… to recap–and add to list:

1–knit 2 scarves, sew together

2 --knit a double wide scarf, fold in half, sew 1 side seam (end seams too if desired

3–knit in the round.

4–double knit… either simple double knitting, or 2 yarn double knitting

5–use a knitting loom

6–knit a scarf in tight (use a needle 2 sizes smaller than suggested for yarn) ribbing (1 X 1 ribbing) This will appear to be stocking knit on both sides.

there are several options… (a full half dozen, and perhaps more!)

there are several patterns (on ravelry, other places) that have ideas for these kinds of scarves.

Knitting New Scarves has some worderful ideas too… (scarves that combine 1 X1 ribbing with simple double knit–to get texture and the illusion of stocking knit on both sides…)

Wow, thanks for all the wonderful ideas! Gonna check em now!