Would like a "stylish" maternity pattern

My dd-in law is expecting their first baby this December. They live in Long Beach, CA and is does get cool in the later months of the year, but I thought I would try to knit her something for September/October.
I need a “stylish/cool” pattern. Probably a top of some kind. A dress would take too long and I am going to make her a shawl for when she is nursing. She dresses beautifully and would not want something “frumpy” lol!
Any ideas of something you have made or a link/pattern you have seen?
Thanks in advance!

Here’s one for ideas for modifying it here.

The Before and After Sweater.

same question discussed on another forum.

Gah! I had an entire post when I accidentally closed the browser! :hair:

Anyway…there are a couple books that are worth looking into.
Natural Knits for Babies and Moms
Knitting for Two

I have the Natural knits book and now I’m going to order the Knitting for Two one…Amazon has one for 8.00!
I know how you feel when you write a whole e-mail and it disappears!:gah:
Thanks again!
P.S. where are you in southern CA? My dd and Marine husband were stationed on Camp Pendleton for 4 years and I half lived there when she had the kids and he went to Iraq 3 times…I love Carlsbad and Oceanside! they just moved to Okinowa, Japan, boo-hoo :frowning:

Thank you! I know she would love the rosebud pattern. The before and after sweater is beautiful, but too warm for her in sunny CA!

Wow:cheering:what a selection! There are some beautiful things to knit. I’m going to show her all of these when she comes to visit in 2 weeks and let her pick one!!
Thank you…you all have been so very helpful!

I live north of Camp Pendleton in Laguna Hills. We’ve lived here for almost 30 yrs. Showing my age… :shifty: :teehee:

I vote for the book “Natural Knits for Baby and MOm” as Jan posted. I have that book and the sweaters in it are just beauitful for baby and the mom. They can be used after her pregnancy is over too. Check it out.