Would it work

Hello! I am so excited to have found this forum and have spent HOURS browsing already, what a great place!!! I have recently returned to knitting after many years away and wonder now why I stayed away so long.

I have fallen in love with handpainted yarns, Schaefer yarn to be precise and have been collecting quite a stash over recent months.

My questions is about mixing yarns, I now have 8 skeins of Schaeffer yarn which are different "types: (but all wool or mohair), the gauge is different as well as the texture. They are all the same color (Elena Piscopia from the memorable women series).

I am wondering if these yarns could be mixed in an afghan. I just love the colors and in my minds eye I see a luscious afghan of different bands of textures. Of course in my head it looks just beautiful but I am wondering if the reality would be a mish mash of different gauges.

Has anyone done something like this? Thoughts, suggestions, or even a “forget about it” would be appreciated. Thanks!

Maybe you could combine some yarns on bigger needles. Knit picks has a pattern for an afghan several different yarns in a ripple pattern and it’s beautiful. i know it’s a free pattern, but I can’t remember the name. Hope this helps, good luck!

I found that pattern, Thanks, yup that is what I’m thinking!! It looks like they start and finish with a bulky yarn. I could combine the mohair with one of the less bulky yarns and should be great!!

I just finished a ripple afghan for my son, so I should be ale to do it in my sleep :thumbsup: