Would it make much difference

for the baby bolero, you seam the shouders, pick up and knit around the right front, neck, and left front, knit 3 rows and bind that off, THEN sew in the sleeves and seam up the sides and sleeves…can I do the sewing/seaming first then do the pick up and knit? I didn’t know if it would affect the tension of the picked up stitches or the ease of handling it if I did the seaming first or not.

I only have a few inches to go on the right front, my last piece…I’m so excited to try the 3NBO on the shoulders! LOL

The pick up and knit is for the collar? I’m not sure if that would affect the tension or not :thinking: It might affect how the bolero “hangs” though, IYKWIM, and that might change the position of the armpit area a little.

I don’t think it would make any difference at all, personally.

I decided to go ahead and pick up the stitches and finish the neck and front edges first, since I had 67 + 24 + 67 stitches on holders, plus 30 more on each neck edge to pick up, and I figured the holders would get in the way and be a pain and not let me lay things flat. So just have to finish the last row then bind off, THEN on to seaming. :happydance: Yeah, I know I must be a sick, sick person, I’m looking forward to it. Maybe I can actually get it all done tomorrow!

I am also working on the bow-tied bolero, and have just re-made the right front piece for the 3rd time! I kept getting holes after knitting the stitches off of the holders. So I ripped it out and tried again without the slip stitches at the end of each purl row… and I still have holes! Are they supposed to be there? And on the other front piece, shouldn’t I hide the wraps when I knit those stitches off of the holders? (the instructions don’t mention hiding the wraps).

btw, I knit left handed, and wonder if that’s the problem… any help is appreciated!