Would it be OK to ask LYS to wind for fee?

I received 20 hanks of hand dyed yarn :woot: yeah Me

note that I stated [U]HANKS[/U] which means until they are wound into some usable form they are all lying in my stash basket taunting me :nails:

I thought about contacting my LYS and see if they would wind it into pull skeins or balls for me for a Fee ? I am Not a regular customer, mostly because they really don’t carry much I have wanted to buy. I have bought about $40.00 worth of stuff but with todays yarn prices that certainly isn’t much

I just want to get a consensus or general idea if this is really bad etiquette or is simply a request of service for money ?

All opinions wellcome :neutral:

I’ve asked at one LYS I used to live near and they said they only wind yarn that you buy there. It never hurts to ask though, as each store may have a different policy.

One thing I have noticed as a commonality between them all is they’re rather touchy about yarn, patterns, and projects that were not bought at that particular store.

It certainly can’t hurt to ask :shrug:

Or, you could send it to [I]me[/I], and I could wind it for you. :wink:


Ack, glad I read your post. I misread your topic title as “…to wind for FREE?” I thought, “EGADS, of course not!”

But OK, now that I read correctly: one of our LYS’s has a sign saying that they charge $3.00 per ball to wind yarn not purchased there. So, I think you could ask and include an offer/starting price if they don’t have one posted.

One of my LYS actually will let YOU wind yarn you didn’t buy there - they just won’t do it. But they let you use the tools and it’s never a big deal. Makes me more inclined to buy there. But now I have my own ball winder! parties (Seriously - JoAnn’s has them for about $25 - $30, not bad at all)

or ME if I M closer, I love winding yarn. its one of the FEW things to confirm my kids diagnosis that I M crazy

oh well

we have a LYS that has a very strict policy about not winding yarn not bought there, and they stick to that policy (sometimes), even when she does stick to it, sometimes a customer, like me, will offer to do some of it in an attempt to teach them how to ball up the yarn.
So i guess it never hurts to ask

What you wouldpay for winding could go a long way toward buying a winder. JoAnn’s has sales all the time for % off.

Does it do any good to buy a winder if tyou don’t also get a swift?

Can the winders re-wind skeins (as opposed to hanks)? I’m not a fan of skeins that don’t do center-pull (or don’t do it reliably at least) but I’m too lazy to re-wind by hand.

I had my ball winder first, got the swift later. It is still a 2 person operation (one holds the yarn and the other cranks teh winder) but it makes such nice neat cakes. I was able to later get a swift but I would definately get the ball winder first if I could only get one at a time.