Would I be in over my head?

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year! :balloons:

I am new to knitting. I took a class in the fall but then I found this site and I learned more from all of you then I did in the class.
I have knitting down but haven’t practiced much with purling. A class is being offered on making socks and I am thinking of taking it because I would love to learn to make them. Do you think it would be advisable to try to learn to knit socks when you are a beginner?
Also these hand knit socks, are they comfortable and do they stay up?
I hope these questions don’t sound too dumb to all of you. :blush:

Thanks for any help,

I say do it, and kudos to you for being brave!!! :thumbsup: Welcome to KH :slight_smile:

Yeah I agree. I just did my first sock today and it was easier than I thought-I used Silver’s tutorial. But you do have to know how to purl for the ribbing though.

Have fun at the class! (I’m already assuming youre going to go :wink: )

Go for it! my second project ever was a sock!

But fair warning: They are addictive! :happydance:

I went from making scarves to making socks–nothing in between. And socks are great! And yes, they are addictive…but in a good way! :wink:

Use Silver’s tutorial. It is wonderful!! :inlove:

And of course there are quite a few sock-knitters here (Rebecca is our Queen), so please ask questions when you get stuck!

YEP–do it!! You WANT to knit socks, right?? You’ll learn to purl very soon–watch Amy’s videos if you need to!! THen watch Silver’s how - to!! You’ll have fun being with the other women, too.

As long as they don’t assume you already know a bunch of stuff for the class (I assume they wouldn’t), I think you’ll be fine.

I finished a toddler sock a few days ago just using the videos on this site, which are excellent (haven’t checked out Silver’s sock tutorial yet). So, you can take the class, and if it doesn’t sink in right away or you don’t understand something, you can always use the videos or the forum here as backup. :cheering:

I don’t really think you’ll have any trouble though. :slight_smile:

When you have to sleep on the couch because you can’t get through the yarn stash in your bedroom, THEN you’re in over your head. KNIT ON!!

Thanks to all of you for encouraging me and for your uplifting comments. You have inspired me and made me feel even I can do it.
I laughed out loud when I read a couple of yor replys. Knowing that a couple of you went right into making socks not long after you learned makes me feel as though maybe it is not too difficult for me either.
I feel better now and will mail me registration tomorrow. (there is no mail today)
I will use the tutorial I am sure. As I said this site is a BIG help to me when I need a little boost.



You can do it! And they are sooooo much fun! :happydance:

You guys make me want to start right now. You make it sound like so much fun and I could use a little fun right now.
The holidays are so hectic and stressful. I need a little calming time right now.
I didn’t do too much knitting over the holidays because I didn’t sit down much.
I am a perfectionist, as my fellow perfectionists know that doesn’t mean we are perfect, just always trying to make things better than they are. sheeeesh it can make you crazy. :wall:

I can’t wait…the reason I am opting for a class is because I need the one on one help to give me confidence. I’m hoping it is a small class. :study:


Just go ahead and start a sock, and if you run into trouble, seek help here. If that doesn’t work–if you need the one-on-one–then your class will help.

Don’t give up if you get confused or make a mistake–it happens to all of us–and don’t let perfectionism ruin it for you–it can.

Just keep knitting, and most importantly, [color=blue]just have fun with it![/color]

My first sock is not so pretty–mistakes all over the place–but I was determined to finish it just so I’d have a feel for what making a sock entails. I still have it, flaws and all!

Thanks Angelia,

You have helped a lot. We don’t have a yarn shop around here (I live in a small town). I guess I will have to go online to order sock yarn. Any suggestions? ? :?:
I will try to let my stubborness and determination overcome my perfectionism and resolve to complete it, mistakes and all.
I went to knitting class with a friend. We had a terrible teacher. My friend quit knitting after we were through with the class. I was determined to learn so I kept up and of course found this site and great group of knitters who helped.


My only recommendation, and maybe this is just me, is not to get fingering weight yarn for your first socks, and that’s typically the yarn called “sock yarn” (though not always). Fingering weight is really small, and I personally don’t like it because I have a hard time knitting with it. The wee needles (anything below a 3) really hurt my hands. (I do double-strand fingering weight yarn, though, and that works well even with self-striping yarn.)

I say, for your first pair, to get worsted weight so that you can see the stitches clearly and work with them easily on the dpns. Then go to smaller yarns after you’ve knit your first pair. You should easily be able to find worsted weight at WalMart, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby. You can, of course, order some. :smiley:

I too, went from scarves (3) to socks, using worsted weight acrylic that was on sale at a craft store for $5 a pound skein and US #6 DPN’s. Mistakes and all, as in they are HUGE, I still have them and wear them as foot-warmers to bed. They work pretty well in my oversize snow-boots, too.
“Fear not the unknown, trust the force within you.” Yoda :thumbsup:

I used size 6 dpns for the dh’s socks…cast on 48 stitches. They’re not really that big, well, for MAN feet :smiley:

I want to make socks for my DH. What pattern did you use? Most of the ones I found were for women’s sizes.

I used Socks in Three Sizes and cast on 48 stitches. I used Wool-Ease and size 6 dpns. (For my own socks, I also cast on 48 stitches, but used size 4 dpns.)

The only change I made to the pattern was to replace psso with ssk improved because it looks better with k2 together (see Amy’s decreases videos).

What’s great about sock-making is that you can make the calf portion as long as you want, and of course you can try on the sock to make sure the length is right. My dh wears a size 13 shoe, so I had to knit quite a long foot!

Go for it! Just go with the pattern and don’t overthink it (like I do LOL). The first sock I made was infant sized. For me, it was great because it was quick, and I learned the construction of the sock. Socks are fun to do, and very rewarding. Good luck!

Well as soon as I get to somewhere I can buy dpns I am going to give it a try. You guys have really made it sound easy :pray: and fun. I really laughed at Truckers comment about sleeping on the couch because you have too much yarn to to get into the bedroom. Now that is funny :roflhard:
I hope I never get that bad but you never know I do tend to overdo things. :??