Would a brace help re: numb sensations?

Something else to try is knitting differently (switching from continental to english or vice-versa).

I personally would never go to a chiropractor, the massage idea sounds good. I recently started experiencing numbness as well, and seem to have a sometimes pinched nerve at the base of my neck, top of my back and my pinky and ring fingers on my right hand (I knit continental) seem to be the ones which experience the most numbness.

I have noticed when I knit Portuguese style, I get some relief. (For Portuguese style knitting look up Andrea Wong’s group on Ravelry: Portuguese Knitting) or Knitting Daily video.

See what you can do to get that knot between your shoulders to relax. Heat can help or massage or even pressure like from a ball - lay on it with the ball under the knot and roll it around a little. A knot won’t stretch, you have to relax it first, then it can. But try stretching the muscles in the arms and the neck and that will all help, they’re all connected.

Nenwing, you’re right, the knot in your upper back is connected. You need to relax that first, tight muscles won’t stretch. Try heat or some massage, just rubbing it yourself can help. A little pressure like laying on a small or medium ball can help - a racquet or tennis ball. But do stretch out the arm muscles and the neck, it’ll help too.

Yeah I figure stretching can’t hurt, only help!

When this all first started, I thought it was just a headache problem because I was having balance issues along with it. I did not make the connection of it possibly being a muscle out of whack.

Hmm…that is a good idea too, to try to learn the other style of knitting. That might help if I am using my other hand more (I am right handed).

I need to get a tennis ball!

Nenweng, stretching is good but range of motion exercises will help keep your muscles from weakening. Some that work for those without a serious condition are:

Standing with arms at your sides and slowly raising them up ( motion like making a snow angel) about 3 repeats of 10, three times daily. Do the same but this time raising arms up in front of you. Stop if painful.

Another is to raise and lower your forearms from the elbows. First with arms at the sides , then do the same exercise but with arms in front.

These exercises are not tiring and it is hard to imagine that they would help any but you would be surprised.

You are right about balance. We can easily lose our balance if our center of gravity is off and with muscle spasms or weakness it certainly can be.

Always best to consult a doctor and these are just exercises that have helped some people with similar pain.

I hope you feel better soon.