Would a 24" be ok?

Howdy! OK, so I’m ready to knit this weird scarf. Because I’m knitting it for someone else and she offered to buy me new needles I want to get a pair of Addi’s. I called our only LYS to see if they had the size I need and, of course, they don’t. It’s a scarf knit on circular needles only because it uses two types of yarn and you need to be able to knit off both ends. They have a #8 in a 24" but not a 16" like I’m supposed to have. It doesn’t matter, right? If I got the 24" it might even be more versatile, right? Should I go with the 24" or wait for them to get in a 16" or 20"???

If it is just a flat scarf knit back and forth on the circular the length doesn’t matter. In fact, I would prefer one a little longer than 16". I use 16" for a hat knit in the round, but if I have a choice I’d rather have one longer because pulling the ends together can be a little hard (just a little). But not all needles are the same and maybe a 16" Addi is a dream to work with. Don’t know.

OH yea!! go with the 24" you will be cussing profusly if you use a 16" need LOTS of room…

not to mention…the 24" would be great for other projects too!!

Yeah, get the 24", it’s easier to knit back and forth on it than the 16" will be, those are tricky if you’re not knitting in the round. And you can still knit a hat on a 24" if you want, as well as other items.

:muah: Thanks, that’s what I thought too but I’m so freaked out by this darn scarf (it’s the one I have to knit out of actual fur) that I am questioning every move! I’ll get them tomorrow.

I’m sure I will be back. I have all the stuff to mock up this scarf and I’ll get it started.

Thanks so much!!

I have been spreading the word about this forum among all the Etsy knitters, you all are really the best!!!