Would 1 average skein be enough?

My knitting group is going on a small yarn crawl to 3 lys’s this weekend and I am wanting to pick up yarn to make my girls a hat each. But I have not figured out which hat to make (there are so many!) I was wondering if one average skein would be enough for a hat for a 4 year old and a 5 year old? I think so but I want to make sure I have enough yarn, I am thinking of some not so harsh worsted wool if that helps?

Thank you all!

My last hat used about 100 yards of sport weight wool for an adult. So a single skein should be enough for a child. Unless you’re planning on earflaps or a tassle or something.

i knit a whole ton of roll brim hats. they take about 60 yards each. that was a high estimate though

I believe so! I made two hats for DH recently, and one skein did it.

BUT…remember, some skeins have 215 yards, and some skeins have 92 yds!

That would make a diff.

So to knittingpatterncentral.com before you go shopping…find a basic kid pattern that you like, and check the yardage needed. :thumbsup:
NEVER go shopping without a pattern or minimum yardage amts…like I do all the time…and have you seen the ridiculous stash I have? :eyes:

I have made lots of hats and the only time I went into a second skein was with the adult size with a large cuff.